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Google has just announced a new Open Source (Sample) Application for Android called Photostream, announcing it this morning on the Android Developer’s Blog. Photostream is a simple photo browser that integrates with Flickr and all you need to run it are a username (Google provides a default username for testing purposes).

Developers might also want to note the inclusion of which Google says will help you write background operations at the UI thread.

Based on the pictures it looks pretty cool. The tilte icons remind me a bit of the LG Dare default settings and the ability to add shortcuts to any user’s photostream are pretty neat. This is a great example of a simple, intuitive application that serves a great purpose and I expect that developers will find this useful. But I suppose I should let developer’s determine that… eh?

Here’s a few screen shots from the post:

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  1. But, as of October 21, 2008, its not available from the Google Applications Market.

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