Android Will Have A Version of Google Chrome


We saw this coming a mile away. As we predicted, Android WILL get a mobile iteration of Chrome and this has been confirmed by the Google CEO himself – Sergey Brin – in an interview. But what will they name the new browser?

They could name it something completely different but it would make great sense for them to keep the brand in tact for obvious reasons. So lets have some fun and speculate what Google COULD call it. Feel free to make your guess in the comments!

The browser itself is called “Chrome” and the Open Source Project and Developer stuff is called “Chromium”, right? So the chances are that the mobile browser will be named some similar derivative. Chromium is a chemical element and the mineral ore called Chromite is made from it.

So could Android’s browser be called Chromite? Afterall, it sounds tiny and it IS made from the element Chromium so it makes sense logically. We’ll put that on the likely list.

They could also incorporate the word “Mobile” as most of these browsers do and ChroMo would make a lot of sense and it sounds pretty cool. But once Android launches and all the phandroids out there are browsing the web with ChroMo all day… thats exactly what people are going to call us Chromos. Yeah, umm no. Please Google avoid this at all costs… there is enough hate speech and hate crimes in the world, you don’t have to provoke it!

While Chromite and ChroMo are not only our favorites but seem like the most logical, we’ll throw a few more out there for laughs:

  • ChroMini
  • MiniChrome
  • Michrome (Microsoft Diss?)
  • Chromoid
  • ChromeDroid
  • Chromita (Spanish? Hehe)
  • Mobile Chrome
  • MobiChrome

We really think that Google will take Chrome and Android and create some incredible interactions. Many are speculating the potential for Chrome to be evolve into an OS of sorts… imagine if Chrome and ChroMo/Chromite allowed you to sync your phone to your computer using ChromeSync?

This is the start of something big and we couldn’t be more happy we’re here for the ride. Now Lets hear it… WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’LL NAME THE ANDROID VERSION OF CHROME?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. ChroMo!

  2. I’ve copyrighted ChroMo 3 days ago.

  3. But then it apparently takes 6 months to 1 year to confirm it… so it’s all urs Google…

  4. how `bout “Chromosome” … that thing that contain DNA in it .. sound techy and small though.. but full of mouth.. hahaha

    ps: call the one who use it: Chromosomes , and syndorome of it: Chromosomistic .. :D

    Have fun!

  5. chromo sounds stupid. chromite sounds really cool

  6. And then again, I’d read Brin’s answer and contemplate for a while about your title “Android WILL HAVE a version of Google Chrome”.

    I see a pattern here, one that says, “Don’t take anything mentioned here seriously”.

  7. @TareX

    Directly from the article I linked to:

    “Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack,” Brin said, pointing to JavaScript improvements as one area.

    And the brand name likely will follow. “My guess is we’ll have ‘Chrome-like’ or something similar,” he said.

  8. “The No Facebook Mobile Browser “

  9. Oh my God the horrendous proof.

    So you translated:
    “Probably a subsequent version of Android is going to pick up a lot of the Chrome stack,” Brin said, pointing to JavaScript improvements as one area.


    “My guess is we’ll have ‘Chrome-like’ or something similar,”


    why do you keep doing that? What’s next, “DELL WILL PRODUCE SMARTPHONE.”, based on an interview of Michael Dell saying the company is going to be producing smaller devices with smaller and smaller screens?

    Quoting from Engadget:

    They asked him will there be a Chrome version for Android, he said:

    “I guess that,
    “down the line,
    “in a future version of Android,
    “there may be,

    So not exactly official news if you ask me.

  10. Chrome-plated

  11. Stop trolling.

  12. How about Chromius or Michrome.

  13. @TareX

    Here… go criticize someone else for a change:

  14. Google Chrome is really fast!
    Now I can sort 200,000 records inside of Browser (Chrome) just in 1 sec. (Faster than Microsoft Excel):

  15. KodaChrome (should be out of trademark by now)… nice retro feel to it for us old farts.

  16. I think it will just be called Chrome and they will announce that Android will soon be ported to work on Desktop computers and you will no longer need Windows.

  17. Chromlite, Chromita, Chromosaurus, Walter Chromekite, Pour one out for my Chromies.

  18. all u guys need to stop fronting! just take this as a good thing, stop being so negative! i would love to have some-what Chrome in my phone, i think everyone would :)

  19. Chromosexuals will run lose. ChromoSapiens (little android toys that you can control with a remote) will take over. Soon we will have ChromoPhobes.

    I like MiChrome and Chromite

  20. CHROMOVER ha

  21. i like chromite. it sounds small and fun. like the android os. so it makes sense. but i feel most likely google will just call it chrome mobile or mobile chrome

  22. Chromelet!

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