More ADC Round 1 Details Revealed


The news has been coming slowly but surely…

This evening Google released a list of the judges (featured below) and a 46-page document ( one page for each application) overviewing the winning applications (see it here). Kind of interesting that Google employees represented 20% of the judges… weren’t sure if they’d have a very active roll in judging or play more of the “hands off” game.

We’d say 20% is pretty active… here is the full list…

Judge Company
Arons, Sam Google
Arroyo, Daniel Broadcom
Bruck, Timo SkyPop
Bruning, Brian NVidia
Byri, Keshav Samsung
Caruthers, Lacy Google
Chan, Cheuk PacketVideo
Chan, Mark Sprint
Chang, Ben Google
Chen, Conway Google
Chen, James HTC
Chen, Rong HTC
Chhabra, Vivek Marvell
Clarke, Ian Open Source Community Member
Cristobal, Carlos Moreno Telefonica
Cuns, Juan Camberio Telefonica
Czarnecki, Przemek T-Mobile Europe
Deshmane, Vishwas Marvell
DiBona, Chris Google
Diez, Daniel Noser
Domingo, Carlos Telefonica
Finke, Nicolai Esmertec
Forni, Gary Marvell
Foster, Neal Motorola
Freudenberg, Mark Aplix
Friedman, Nat Open Source Community Member
Gennai, Paul Google
Ghosn, Carla Marvell
Grandy, Leslie T-Mobile US
Gupta, Vivek Atheros
Gustafsson, Per TAT
Hadley, Joshua Ascender
Hagebaum, Mark T-Mobile Europe
Haliburton, James TAT
Hasley, Kevin TI
Hruska, Brian SoniVox
Hruska, Jennifer SoniVox
Huang, Neil ASUS
Hyde, Ben Open Source Community Member
Icaza, Miguel de Open Source Community Member
Ito, Toshimi Toshiba
Jakobsson, Hampus TAT
Kipping, David Qualcomm
Kneisley, Gabriel Sprint
Koriyama, Ryu Aplix
Kott, Benjamin Google
Kruetzfeldt, Andre Aplix
Kulavik, Richard AKM
Kuykendall, Peter SiRF
Landry, Shane Sprint
Lee, Mr. S.Y. LGE
Leibovitch, Allen Marvell
Liao, Mist ASUS
Lin, Andy ASUS
Linge, Ludvig TAT
Liu, Alex Atheros
Liu, Suzanne Google
Lopez, Micheal Google
Louie, Mark Google
Lu, Liku HTC
Machida, Satoshi Toshiba
Maeda, Mr. Kenichi NTT DoCoMo
Maeda, Yoshiaki NTT DoCoMo
Maruno, Yu Livingimage
Matteson, Steve Ascender
McKee, Andrew Google
McNeel, Warren T-Mobile US
Meyerson, Randy T-Mobile US
Monma, Junichi Aplix
Mustiere, Mr. Pierre NTT DoCoMo
Mylavarapu, Swati Google
Nagumo, Mashahiko Toshiba
Narayanan, Subramaniam Broadcom
Nath, Joyjit Broadcom
Noal, Dan Wind River
Okui, Kazuho Livingimage
Palmer, Jim Motorola
Parak, Salim Google
Park, Jennifer Google
Park, Mr. Richard LGE
Peng, William ASUS
Piteira, Karl Esmertec
Pleumann, Jöerg Noser
Potter, David Google
Putterman, Scott Motorola
Reeves, Peter SkyPop
Reid, Dave SiRF
Rickner, Tom Ascender
Rijsberman, Frank Google
Robinson, Tony Motorola
Romero, Allen Google
Ross, Kevin PacketVideo
Saito, Julien Aplix
Scalpone, Steve Wind River
Schwab, Mathias Google
Sellin, Derek Broadcom
Shan, Eric Google
Sherwood, Greg PacketVideo
Shindou, Akihiro KDDI
Skelchy, Melanie SiRF
Sonawane, Nitin PacketVideo
Stanton, Katie Google
Sugiyama, Keizo KDDI
Takagi, Kazumoto AKM
Thomas, Eric TI
Torkington, Nathan Open Source Community Member
Trevett, Neil NVidia
Tucker, Morgan SkyPop
Underwood, April Google
Urosa, José Antonio Moujadami Telefonica
Wheeler, Max Motorola
Wong, Michael Atheros
Yamada, Kazuhiro NTT DoCoMo
Yang, Dennis HTC
Yu, Charles SiRF
Zhang, Greg China Mobile
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