Android Ads: Relevantis Laughs First


It has been somewhat of a question mark trying to determine the various ways that Google will attempt to monetize Android. Many of the best opportunities probably won’t present themselves until the platform is in the hands of the public.

Relevantis, however, isn’t playing the waiting game. In a press release, the Kirkland, Washington based company bragged about announced its release of the first ad platform to support android, beating even Google to the punch.

Rather than focusing on the end consumer, Relevantis offers developers an easy way to incorporate mobile advertising into Android based widgets, applications and games. Revenue from clicking surfers is shared between the company and the developer.

The press release crosses over the boundaries of optimistic into gloating territory: “When Google announced Android, everybody expected that it would exclusively support Google ads. However, Google’s ad platform doesn’t even support Android applications at all yet; and, when it does, the ads will most likely be available for Android-optimized web sites instead of embedded applications,” said Relevantis CEO Scott Searle.

Lets clear up a few things:

  1. We didn’t think it would exclusively support Google Ads. That is the opposite of Open Source. Why would Google create Android if it only had Adsense for Mobile in mind? They are already displaying Google Ads on mobile phones.
  2. True, Google does not have Android supported ad systems for applications and widgets… and that is called STRATEGY. Don’t you think consumers would be a bit turned off if all the talk was about how developers can monetize their apps? I’m sure Google has plenty of plans… it’s all about timing…

And the grand philosophies continue….

“And, perhaps more importantly, our platform supports multiple ad networks, not just Google. So, developers can choose to receive ads from one or more major networks like Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL in addition to Google.”

Two words for you: Double. Click.

While the tone of the Relevantis’ press release was over-optimistic, completely bypassing even the concept of trying to appear journalistic and balanced, our criticism may be a bit harsh. The achievement of being first to market with an Android integrated ad system should be applauded. It just seems that the company undermines their ultimate goal by trying to “rub it in” a little too much… even when they are off base in their claims.

Rob Jackson
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