TechFaith Jumps on Android Bandwagon


With profits soaring and the stock price rising, Chinese mobile device manufacturer has announced that they will be producing an Android enabled phone.

Wall Street has responded to their earnings reports very positively and the Android announcement gave them an even greater boost – the stock price went up nearly 25% today.

Techfaith has made a killing off of mobile devices and smartphones earned big for them this past year: revenues of $48 million beat expectations of the financial analysts by $7 million dollars. Wow…

Some might say that they’ve gotten so far by ripping off designs from better known brands. We’re not going to argue. At what engadget calls “lightning speeds”, Techfaith replicates the design savvy of larger, mainstream manufacturers but also improves the functionality along the way. Examples of their “copying” are their versions of the i320, SLVR and Universal.

So, don’t look for TechFaith to be a release one of the first Android enabled phones. But, expect them to be just behind with something that looks oh-so-familiar.

SOURCES: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2008/02/26/ap4698343.html

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