Caseology has a stylish new lineup for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6


Samsung has officially unveiled its fall wearables and smartphone Galaxy lineup. If you’re planning on getting any of these new Samsung devices, investing in some protection is always a good idea and these Caseology cases could be worth checking out.

Parallax case

The Parallax case is one of Caseology’s iconic cases. It features a signature minimalistic hexagonal pattern on the back. It has an ergonomic design with adhesive strips that offer additional security, and it has hinge protection which is important for foldable phones. For the Fold 6, the Parallax case is offered in a Matte Black or Midnight Blue finish. The version for the Flip 6 will come in an Ash Grey, Sage Green, or Purple-ish finish.

Nano Pop

The Nano Pop is a case for the Galaxy Z Flip 6. It has a ring on the back. This gives users a better grip when holding the phone. It can also double as a makeshift kickstand if you want to prop your phone up for selfies or videos.

It is made out of silicone which offers a more grippy texture. The case is offered in a variety of colors with accented trim for a bit of extra flare.

Snap Fit

We know that applying screen protectors can be a fiddly process. This can result in uneven placements, bubbles, and a lot of frustration. The Snap Fit for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 comes with a perfectly fitted frame that makes the installation hassle-free, ensuring your screen protector is installed perfectly every time.


Even the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 gets some added protection with the introduction of the Caseology Vault. This adorable case protects the charging/carrying case of the earbuds. It also features an included carabiner if you want to hook it onto your belt or bag s that you don’t have to always carry the Buds 3 case in your pocket. The Caseology Vault comes in Matte Black or Midnight Green.

The Vault is also available for the Galaxy Watch Ultra. This provides users with additional protection for the smartwatch, while also giving it a more rugged look with a sandstone texture and a raised ring that helps protect the watch’s screen against bumps, drops, or knocks.

Pricing & availability

If you’re interested in getting any of these Caseology cases for Samsung’s new lineup, check out Caseology’s Amazon store for the details.

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