Essential Home looks to take on Amazon’s Echo and Google Home


The smart home hub space just got a little bit bigger. With the recent improvements to Google Home and the new Amazon Echo Show, we have already been greeted with two very capable devices to help us around the house.

However, Essential thought it was a great time to jump in the game and has introduced the new Essential Home alongside the Essential Phone. This home assistant aims to provide all of the same services that are already being offered, but without the “boxes, tubes, or strange lights”.

At the forefront of Essential Home is an interactive display, which can be activated with your voice, a tap, or “even a glance”. From there, you will be able to interact with it at your leisure and Home will help you with your various daily tasks.

As for what voice services will be powering the Essential Home, it’s not exactly clear, as of yet. According to Wired, the Home is compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Apple’s HomeKit, Nest, and is capable of using Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. However, it’s unknown whether all of this will be at your fingertips once it is launched.

There isn’t much else really known about Essential Home right now, as the company is gearing up to unveil more information later on. An important piece of information that we do know is that your privacy concerns are likely to be stymied considering the fact that “most of the processing will happen locally”. This means, that you won’t have to worry about sharing your information and it is retained in the cloud, as it will be stored on the Essential Home itself.

Pricing and availability information has yet to be shared, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated once more information is made available.

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