And now Google Pixel owners are reporting early shutdowns at 30% battery


It’s been almost a full week since we told you guys about a serious — and potentially dangerous — bug affecting the Nexus 6P. Reports of the phone premature shutting down began making their way across the usual online forums and although it sounded like faulty hardware, Huawei (the manufacturer) claimed it was a software bug in Android Nougat causing the issue. If true, that means the bug should be popping up on other devices and sure enough, we’re now seeing a few scattered reports of early shutdowns affecting the Google Pixel as well.

It seems that devices affected by the bug are randomly shutting down at up to 30% battery and wont boot up again unless plugged into a charger — a huge safety concern if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere without a Type C charger. We’ve also seen reports of a similar issue affecting some LG G5 owners since updating to Nougat, so it’s obvious that there’s something going on here.

The real issue here could be the fact that Google has yet to fully acknowledge the issue, with their customer service reps recommending a full factory reset and possible replacement if the problem persists. Seeing as how the Google Pixel is the company’s first self-branded device, issues like this could not only tarnish the phone’s name, but Google’s reputation for providing adequate customer service.

Anyone else seeing this problem pop up on their Google Pixel (or any other Android device running Nougat)?


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