Some Nexus 6P owners are experiencing early shutdowns on Nougat


Some Nexus 6P owners are reporting that their phones are shutting down well before the battery percent says it should. In a new bug tracker post on the AOSP Issue Tracker, a user has outlined what happens.

Since upgrading to nougat my 6P regularly shutdown when it gets to 15% battery (this sometimes happens as high as 20-30% but is normally 15%). The phone flashes orange to go into battery saving mode and shuts down concurrently. The phone won’t turn back on without charging. When on charge and powered back on the battery will show as being at least 15% full.

Several people have posted to the thread to let the developers know they’re experiencing the same issue with varying degrees of early shutdown. One post says his phone shuts down anywhere between 15% and 30%, making it a very unreliable phone for daily use. Factory resets, cache wipe, and booting into safe mode don’t seem to help resolve the issue.

This issue appears to be reserved for those who have updated to Nougat, but the issue has been given low priority and no further details are available concerning it. Do you have a Nexus 6P that you’ve updated to Nougat and is now experiencing problems? How about any other phone? We’re interested to hear your experiences with the Nougat update.

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