Prisma will soon turn your videos into works of art as well


The world has been going crazy over a new app called Prisma. You’ve probably come across some sort of coverage on the app over the last few days, we even put together a quick list showing you 11 photos made better with Prisma. Just a little something to show how well the app works in practice.

For those still unaware, Prisma converts your stale old photos into works of art, applying unique art filters that completely transform them into something you’d want to hang on your wall. Using a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, Prisma analyzes your photo then applies one of 30 available artistic styles to it. This turns an old photo into something that looks hand drawn or painted and the results are really quite impressive.


Right now, the app is still early and while we’re still having fun applying these unique filters to photos, apparently Prisma already has plans to include video as well. There’s no exact ETA on when we can expect the feature to land (only in the coming weeks), but in an interview with Bloomberg, Prisma confirmed that technology is already ready, they’re just waiting to update their “computing infrastructure” first. Video is a little more demanding than a photograph which already takes anywhere between 5-20 seconds to process.

So there you have it. If you currently love applying photos effects to photos using Prisma, just know that video is also on the way. We’re guessing the end result could look something like 2006’s A Scanner Darkly — only in bite-sized clips — a film which used a similar artistic filter throughout the entire movie. For more on that, check out the trailer below. Consider us excited.

Chris Chavez
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