The Nextbit Robin now comes in tantalizing “Ember”



Nextbit has been teasing a new color for the Nextbit Robin for a couple of weeks. Now, the new color is official. Nextbit is calling it “Ember,” which is probably a good idea since “Red Robin” means something entirely different. Fancy name aside, this is a slightly soft red color that looks quite dashing.

The Ember color is matched up with charcoal black to create a cool two-tone look. If you’re a fan of the red and black look, the Ember Robin goes on sale today for $299 from Nextbit. You’re getting the exact same phone that has been available for a while now, but with a new color. If you’re unfamiliar with the Robin, it relies on cloud storage to do all the heavy lifting. It’s an interesting concept that works pretty well, but it’s not for everyone.

If you want to snag the Ember edition, don’t wait too long. Nextbit has a limited supply in the new color. Once the supply is gone you won’t be able to get your hands on it.

[via Nextbit]

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