Pokemon GO Plus wristband delayed until September, so use this Android Wear app instead


Bad news for Pokemon GO players: the Pokemon GO Plus wristband that can alert you to nearby Pokemon has been delayed until September. The device was originally anticipated to be ready by the end of July, but considering that window is slipping fast the Nintendo team thought it best to come clean and set new availability expectations.

Pokemon Go Plus 2

The reason for the delay wasn’t mentioned, but we’re guessing it’s a simple case of supply issues. There are a ton of people playing this game and they likely want the accessory to be available as wide and far as possible.

In the meantime, another cool solution may work: PokeDetector. You may have heard about it before. It sends notifications to your phone when Pokemon are nearby, but it also has Android Wear support, so those notifications can go straight to your wrist.


This would seem like the dream solution at first, and that’s not an inaccurate way to view it. But as nice as it is, the advantages of having a Pokemon GO Plus accessory (including having a lot more battery life than a display-equipped Android Wear watch has) are still very much relevant. Download this app in the meantime, and when the real deal is made available we’ll be the first to let you know.

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