Motorola’s upcoming DROID something (Moto Z) leaked in black, silver, and gold color options


leak moto z droid turbo 3 razr

Right now Motorola and Lenovo have a June 9th event planned in San Francisco where we’re probably going to see the next evolution of the Moto flagship line. According to the most recent rumors, the phone will probably launch as the “Moto Z,” ditching the previous X naming convention and marking a drastic change in the design department.

Giving us our best look at the the alleged Moto Z is @evleaks who is supplying some crystal clear, high-res renders of the device as the DROID something or other in all 3 colors: black, silver, and gold. The tiny DROID lettering near the camera lets us know this is the Verizon variant, which could be rebranded the DROID Turbo 3, or maybe even RAZR based on that teaser video Motorola released last week.

No matter what you call it, we have to admit the phone is looking pretty damn sweet. Remember, Motorola’s new flagships is said to feature a modular design with magnetic back plates that attach to the back of the phone and bring additional functionality. At 5.2mm thin without any attachments, it’s damn thin too. Consider us hyped.


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