Motorola registered a trademark for the name Moto Z



Last week, we wrote about a rumor that claimed Lenovo would nix the “Moto X” name in favor of the wildly different and revolutionary “Moto Z.” Love it or hate it, Moto Z appears to be here to stay. The Lenovo-owned Motorola just registered a trademark for the term “MOTO Z.”

The filing notes that this trademark is for “Mobile phones, smartphones and accessories therefor, namely battery chargers and adapters.” Trademark filings are notorious for being incorrect. Companies trademark everything and anything they might want to use in the future. However, this trademark and the recent rumor seem to line up perfectly.

What do you think of the name “Moto Z”? Is this Lenovo changing things for the sake of changing things? The Moto X series may not have been as popular as the Galaxy name, but will a single letter really change anything?

[via droidlife]

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