Google ‘MODE’ trademark describes watch straps and connectors for a smartwatch they don’t even have


Google MODE logo

As we do from time to time, we’ve stumbled across yet another interesting trademark from Google. This time we’re seeing the internet search giant filing a trademark for something they’re calling “MODE.” It’s not immediately clear what the product could be, but they already have a logo planned for it (see above), so it could be ready to launch soon.

Google MODE trademark USPTO

According to the trademark description, MODE appears to a be a line of watch bands, straps and accessories for a new smartwatch. The trademark clearly states “parts and fittings for watch bands and watches, namely, clasps and connectors.” You’ll also notice from the “O” from logo itself appears to hint at some kind of smartwatch, with the “D” connecting to it. Interesting, right?

Now, again. We don’t know what this is. It could be an accessory line, or even some type of new in-house Android Wear hardware (think Nexus smartwatch). We know there has been some interest from techies over a modular smartwatch design, whether that’s what we’re looking at here remains to be seen.


Image credit: The Verge

The big question is why Google would be looking to make smartwatch straps for a smartwatch they don’t even offer? Maybe — just maybe — we could soon see the fruits of Google’s WIMM Labs purchase from back in 2012. WIMM Labs was one of the first companies to offer a compelling Android-based smartwatch product (by 2011 standards) which featured a semi-modular design. The main unit could actually be attached to various accessories (watch straps, lanyards, arm bands) for added versatility.

We’re probably getting way ahead of ourselves here, but what do you guys think it could be?


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