Early LG G5 camera samples look promising


The Samsung’s Galaxy S7 camera quality gave us a very nice first impression, but Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer in Korea who knows how to make a nice camera. LG has always strived for excellence in that category, and the LG G5’s 16-megapixel + 8-megapixel dual setup seems to be no different.

LG G5 Cam Plus DSC01418

LG G5 Hands-on

AusDroid got some extended play time with the device and toted it around Barcelona for some fun in the sun, something that proved to be a perfect opportunity to see just how well the LG G5’s camera performs.

The early results don’t look bad at all. In fact, they look really, really good. The images come out of the phone nice and sharp, and color accuracy seems to be spot on. In the images below, you can see a fair bit of building detail in the background, while the foreground offers sharp and noise-free imagery.

And the HDR performance is off the chart, with even a direct lens flare from the sun not destroying the lighting balance in the rest of the image. Even better to know is that LG says they haven’t even finalized their camera software yet, so optimization could have these shots looking even better by the time the device launches.

To be honest, though, we expect the LG G5 to do well in these lighting conditions. Most cameras do. It’s when the device doesn’t have a full sky of sunshine to help it along that they start to suffer, and that’s the area we’re most interested in seeing before we can take LG’s word for it. Be sure to head to the source link to check out more!

[via AusDroid]

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