Motorola delivers Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the Moto X Style and Moto X (2nd Gen)


Moto X Style and Moto X 2nd Gen owners should be happy to hear this one: Android 6.0 Marshmallow is headed out to your devices! Motorola announced the details today, which means it shan’t be long before it hits your handset.

This initial push is only going out to a couple of markets to start. The Moto X Style in Brazil and India will receive the update to start. Brazil is also getting a Moto X 2nd Gen rollout. We imagine more markets will be added in the very near future.

Android Marshmallow marshmallows

The changelog doesn’t mention many things unique to Motorola, of course, as their firmware is largely stock Android save for a few added apps. As such, mostly everything that you saw in our feature blowouts for Android 6.0 Marshmallow are right front and center here.

In case you need a reminder:

  • Doze mode: Doze mode is a new smart feature that helps to preserve your phone’s battery life: it recognizes when your device is idle and automatically goes into a deep sleep state. How does it work? When your phone is stationary, not charging and not in use for a long period of time, Doze mode shuts down unnecessary background processes to optimize power.
  • App Standby: App Standby reduces the battery drain of your phone by putting your seldom-used apps into a reduced activity state.
  • App permissions: In Android Marshmallow you have even more control over what you share with your apps. With the new permissions model, apps designed for Marshmallow only ask for permissions at the time it’s needed to use a feature, instead of all at once when you install the app.
  • App links: Android Marshmallow lets you decide what the right action is for each of your apps when you tap a web link.
  • Expandable Storage: Android Marshmallow enables your SD card to fully extend device internal storage rather than just being used for media files.
  • Do not disturb: You can now easily configure interruptions by tapping the Do not disturb button in the quick settings panel.
  • Volume controls: Android Marshmallow provides a more clean and intuitive way to control the ringtone, media and alarm volume.
  • Now on Tap: Now on Tap* provides Google Now contextual results right in the app you are using. Just tap and hold down the home button and Now on Tap will assist you with relevant information based on whatever you are doing in your phone at that moment.
  • Direct Share: Direct Share* is a new feature in Android Marshmallow that enables sharing something directly to a contact or conversation within an app.

And here are the Motorola-specific changes we’re expecting:

  • Moto Assist: In Marshmallow, Android introduced new features which enabled us to integrate Assist into other places. (Moto Assist will no longer be its own app, but all of its features are now found in “Sleeping and Meeting” and “Driving and Places.”)
  • Motorola Migrate: From time to time, we need to retire certain Motorola services so that we can usher in a new wave of technology and offerings for our users, as a result Motorola Migrate will no longer be offered on devices running Android Marshmallow.
  • Attentive Display: In Android Marshmallow we have integrated Attentive Display into Moto Actions.

Some devices have already gotten an OTA notification, but if you haven’t then you can check by heading to Settings > About Phone > System Updates to check. Let us know if you’re able to pull it down!

[via Motorola]

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