Plans for 2 different Samsung Galaxy S7 variants are still on [RUMOR]


Samsung seems to have liked the dual launch strategy of the Samsung Galaxy S6, because rumors suggest we’ll be seeing more of the same for the sequel. SamMobile has received information that confirms the arrival of two different Samsung Galaxy S7 models: one with a regular display, and the other with a dual-edge setup. A previous rumor suggested we’d see two different screen sizes, but there’s no word on whether that is still true.

Both devices will be offered on a variety of carriers around the world, with all 5 major carriers in the United States (plus MetroPCS and Cricket) set to get the full slate of options. Unfortunately it looks like those in Canada will only have Bell to look to for the time being, though it’s too early to count availability on other carriers out (and it’s easy to switch between networks for those who plan to go the unlocked route anyway).

The rumor also suggests a return of UFS 2.0 storage, which is faster than what’s seen in most contemporary smartphones.

Samsung will have to be sharp in estimating market demand for these devices. If you don’t remember, they stumbled early on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge early on by misjudging the demand for the Edge variant. That move resulted in a huge shortage of units in some regions such as Europe, and Samsung likely lost a lot of business because of it. We’re sure they won’t be making that same mistake twice.

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