Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus size comparison show it’s not much bigger than the regular model


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus CH9H1MGXAAA7C1G

Relative newcomer @Onleaks is proving to be a valuable source of leaks in the Android world. Recently, he gave us a glimpse of a CAD render — a 3D model accessory makers use when building cases — for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It was nothing mind blowing. It simply looked like the regular Galaxy S6 Edge only it was supposed to be, you know… bigger. But without a regular S6 Edge to compare it against, there was no way to tell just how much bigger it was.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus CH9H1VZWgAALUGO

For those curious to see how big the S6 Edge Plus will be when it launches later this year, additional images from @Onleaks are giving us a much better idea. He managed to secure a few comparison images with the regular S6 Edge put up against an S6 Edge Plus dummy used by Chinese case makers to ensure quality fitment of their product. Apparently dimensions of the device should be around 154.45 x 75.80 x 6.85mm which suggest a 5.5-inch display and as you can see, really isn’t too much larger than the regular S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus CH9H1WjWsAIjqAM

This is great news for those that have been on the fence about the S6 Edge due to its mediocre battery life, but didn’t want to commit to a larger phablet sized device like the Note 5. With the Galaxy Note 5 covering the 6-inch category, Samsung should have all their bases covered when both larger sized flagship models launch later this year.


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