Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus cases confirm upcoming design


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung is gearing up to launch XL versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Better known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it’s now being rumored that the Edge version could go by the name Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) according to a recent trademark filing. We know, it’s a tad confusing and if there was any doubt that these devices would essentially look like bigger versions of the regular S6/Edge, freshly leaked case photos — and even a CAD render — are giving us a look at that now familiar S6 design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S6 Edge Plus

Both cases look almost identical to the regular-sized S6 and S6 Edge, only you’ll notice small cutouts on the Note 5 case (bottom 2 images) for the included S Pen. The images come from MobileDirect, a Romanian accessory maker who’s accurately leaked devices in the past.

Right now, rumors point to the Galaxy Note 5 as coming equipped with a 5.98-inch 4K Quad HD display, Exynos 7422 processor, USB Type-C port, and a beefy 4,100mAh battery. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be much smaller with a 5.5-inch screen, Snapdragon 808 processor, and 16MP rear/5MP front facing cameras. We’re still not sure when Samsung plans on making the devices official, but if history has taught us anything, we expect both of them to be revealed during IFA in September.

[USPTO | @OnLeaks | PhoneArena]

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  1. This might make me upgrade from my G3

  2. Every year i get a note :)

  3. After the Nexus 6, the regular Galaxy S6 feels too small. Thinking I might get a Note 5 this year especially if it has that big ass battery. S6 dies way too quick to be my primary device.

    1. 4K screen with make that battery feel like 2k mah

      1. 4K will look better in the new Gear VR though.

    2. You don’t like G4 then? I be thoroughly enjoying it, especially the camera.

  4. Lets hope for build in wireless charging and 4000mah+ battery.

    AWay with your 4k screen. 1080p is fine

    1. That screen with make that battery feel like an 1800-2000 mah instead of 4100

  5. Yes sir I will add the Note5 and S6EdgePlus to my stable of Galaxy devices come September/October definitely ready.

  6. Looks like no way to expand storage, not good for the note series

    1. I’ve had phones where the case had to be removed to get to SD card slots. We’ll wait and see. I won’t lie, one of the ONLY reasons I got the Note Edge was for the storage…

  7. People.gonna cry for SD card and removable battery for this one too. I can’t wait.

  8. Galaxy S6 sales worse than S5 and I am hoping that is because Samsung chose style over substance. It’s obvious the Note 5 won’t have a removable battery, at least as far as every single rumor and leak goes. Only terrible sales can maybe bring back the removable battery in the Note 6.

    Oh and don’t think Ssung, that we’ve forgotten how you skipped the annual .2″ screen size bump on the Note 4. The Note 6 better be 6.1″ or you can kiss my business goodbye.

    Oh and by the way, Phandroid had an article a few days ago about some hack on the Nexus 6 that let you change screen resolution to 720.

    Why can’t Samsung, the “every feature but the kitchen sink” people have a screen resolution setting where you can change your resolution with the flip of a toggle?

    720, 1080, 2560, 4K

    Personally I’d have it on 720 because I want 4 days of battery life but if you want to record and watch your cat peeing on a squirrel and then play it back on the world’s greatest smartphone screen then have at it.

    Samsung: the “S” stands for selection

    1. Where did you see that the S6 sales were worse than the S5?

      1. Phandroid had an article a few months back.

        And in case I happen to be remembering that wrong how dare you challenge my unsubstantiated but extremely confidently declared fact.

        Don’t you know the proper etiquette of online discussion forums?;) You don’t challenge an unsubstantiated claim, but rather attack me with an even more outlandish claim, preferably also unsubstantiated. Bonus points if your claim is an ad hominem personal attack against my obese, glandularly challenged mother, ie “your momma so fat…”;)

        Honestly, what has society devolved to when we can’t verbally assault, and berate each other over pointless tech trinkets like civilized gentlethat is;)

        But since you are such a philistine as to throw age old discussion forum tradition into the toilet here is a source for my above statement;)


        Now let’s finish this honorably and break open beer bottles and fight to the death over which phone is superior a Nexus 6 or Note 4…that is until an iPhone user walks by in which case we team up to wail on the iSheep;)

        1. My goodness you are one sensitive person. All I asked was where did you see that the S5 sold more than the S6 and you went on a full rant. I asked you a simple question and you did not need to take it personally. I didn’t call you a liar or anything, I’m asking you where you saw that

          1. Dude, chill out. It was a joke response, thus all the winky faces. These forums are about kickin back and wasting time having fun talking phones. I try to add a little humor from time to time. I wasn’t offended at all.

          2. I don’t see the point of your joke though, wasn’t even funny nor clever. Sounds more like you was ranting while covering your ass not to look too emotional. BEsides, you edited your comment and put the smiley faces smh… But anyways, I didn’t see or heard that the S5 sold more than the s6. Also keep in mind the S6 has been on the market for like what, 3 1/2 months maybe?

          3. Close to 50 million S6 and S6Edge sold makes the S6 far better than the S5 so easily it’s comical.

          4. Where did you see that? The only thing I’ve read is that they sold about 10 million so far.

          5. Wrong. For one thing Samsung hasn’t come out and said actual phones sold in years. It is estimated that only 6 million have been actually sold and maybe 10 million shipped. But by all means provide a source link proving me wrong.

          6. He’s definitely delusional

          7. Says the guywho makes up “facts” to suit his mindless, ignorant fangirl viewpoints.

    2. What’s up young thundercat. What’s your MOS?

    3. What are you smoking today??? Whatever it is stop the drug use. The S6 and S6Edge have already sold close to 50 million handsets already and the Note5 and S6EdgePlus will only better that in September/October. It’s time for people to get over the bullshit Sdcard and removable battery crap real Samsung owners already have handsets with those capabilites these handsets don’t have to be that way too. Samsung with the industry leading UFS 2.0 storage solutions and DDR4 RAM makes these products far better than anything on the market today. The performance of the S6, S6Edge, and S6Active are the best on the android platform. The Note5 will be exactly the same but even better especially with the 4100mAh battery.

      1. Source link?

      2. So because more are sold means they are better? So that must mean that a Honda Accord is a better car than a Corvette C7.

  9. Note series is meant for the power users. Please keep providing the power users with expandability and mobility. We dearly depend on Micro SD and a removable battery. Keep the Note series intact. Please don’t neuter it.

    1. You don’t need a Micro SD when you can get a 128GB version.. Seriously.

      1. That’s great for you, I’m a different consumer with different needs/wants.

        1. Enlighten me.

          1. What could I say that would satisfy you that I have needs/wants that are unique to yours? Some folks would just prefer to pay less for a device and beef it up with cheap, large expandable storage.

          2. I only notice the word ‘cheap’ in what I call a big excuse. You know it too.

          3. Sure, chief. Whatever you say.


          4. Let’s start linking random nonsense then..

          5. What do you want from me? You’re clearly not satisfied with a stranger just preferring something that you don’t.

          6. A clear motivation in why SD card slots are needed in such degree that you won’t buy a phone over it. People seem to be against change. Though, in a way I can agree with them. Phones are only getting more expensive, but functionality wise, an SD card slot is redundant nowadays. The only benefit I can think of, is, as you also mention, the price.

          7. My point is it’s not up to you to decide what a consumer “needs” or doesn’t “need”. Every user is unique in the way they use their device and I prefer to use a device (as my daily) that offers expandable storage and a user-replaceable battery.

            Just a simple preference that’s not meant to be anything more than that. Folks may choose whatever they’d like for their flagship device and I personally just hope that these two vital features (to me at least) are still present on the next Note.

          8. Going back to the original point, the note was always meant for power users. By definition that doesn’t mean its a general consumption model. I do A LOT of emulator gaming on my phone and just general media consumption. The ability for expandable storage is critical for newer game systems that have larger game files.
            What you think I need or is “good enough” for me is irrelevant. Samsung is starting to go down the same road that makes me hate apple, the whole “we’ll tell you what you need, we know best” attitude.
            The galaxy S is the mass market phone, the Note is the hobbyist/power user unit. These complaints of no more expandable memory or battery are completely valid, and it’s arrogant to fault people for making those complaints just because you don’t need what some other people do. Choice is good, if you want to be dictated to, buy an apple.

          9. I expect an sd slot too.

          10. Except that removable storage is less expensive than onboard storage and is more flexible. Cloud storage is great except that it uses up data limits.

          11. It make perfect sense to me!

          12. Which is easier to transfer 128GB from – a phone with an sd card or one without?

            Which is more convenient?
            Which is easier to back up?
            Which provides more options?
            Which is (more) expandable?
            Which says ‘Yea, you can’?
            Which is more affordable?

            Do I need to continue?

            Don’t Want it, don’t use it. But don’t say I can’t have it. And don’t say it doesn’t matter if I want it.

      2. Actually you can get a 200gb version……… TGIF………..

      3. Exactly. The Note5 and S6EdgePlus without the sdcard or removable battery will be just fine.

        1. In terms of sales, sure. They should be fine. In terms of me as a consumer? I’d rather have both features and not need them than need them and not have them. First world problems.

        2. I don’t think so. If you have your camera set to always record in 4k, then you will fill up your storage fast.

          1. And you’d be stupid for doing so. You don’t need 4K for everything. 1080p is fine for everyday things.

          2. That’s simply just your opinion. If you have a 4k screen, why wouldn’t you take 4k video? Ever try to zoom in on something when recording in 4k? Try to do that while recording in 1080p.

          3. I’m a professional graphics animator and video producer and yes cropping 4K is a great tool but viewing 1080p content on a 4K screen isn’t horrible like you make it out to be.

      4. And you can’t get it in a lot of countries.

        Here in Brazil there is only the 32gb for the S6 and 64 for the S6 Plus. When we had the sdcard slot it wans’t a big deal.

      5. What if you don’t want to pay an extra $200 for the 128 GB version? What if your carrier doesn’t offer it?

  10. SD essential for this device or I’ll jump brands. Sealed battery is fine though.

    1. I agree. Although the battery life on my Note 4 has been very poor since the Lollipop update. Actually the whole phone pretty much sucks now! SD card slot is a must.

  11. Looks like the note 5 speaker has moved to the bottom…

    1. Too bad. Was hoping for front speakers.

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