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When Meerkat launched back in February for iOS, nobody could have predicted it would have been as popular as it was. Countless apps have — and still do — allow for anyone to live stream whatever it is they like using a smartphone. Whatever the reason behind its success, it didn’t take long before rumors of big named tech companies swooping in to buy them up began circulating around the net.

The most likely (and fitting) prospect was social media giant Facebook, who could use Meerkat to bolster their growing portfolio of social media apps. But after looking through recent trademark filings, is it possible a popular Android manufacturer snatched them up before anyone else?

LG trademark Meerkat

We managed to dig up a trademark LG recently acquired for the name “Meerkat.” While that doesn’t let us know if that is the same live streaming app that’s become so popular in recent months, the description certainly sounds like it. According to the trademark, LG’s “Meerkat” sounds eerily similar to the live streaming functionality of the already available Meerkat app. Here’s what LG says their Meerkat app will do:

IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: IP camera; Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras; Cameras for surveillance; Photographic apparatus and instruments; Cameras; Webcams; Mobile phones; Smart phones; Application software for smart phones; Application software for smart phone cameras

With so many resources at their disposal, it’s entirely possible LG will acquire Meerkat, building its live streaming features into its full-line of devices. In the event that LG isn’t looking to buy Meerkat and is actually looking to build their own live streaming app of the same name, that would be weird and the trademark will likely be appealed and thrown out.

In either event, we’re pretty left guessing as to what LG has up their sleeve and have already reached out to the company for comment. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

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  1. You can TM the name of a species of animal that has been around since before Jesus’ time?

    1. They didn’t claim to invent the word or create the species… it’s just a trademark. Almost every business/brand name on the planet is based on dictionary words that are hundreds of centuries old. Should Apple have to change their name because apples existed before jesus? Not sure I understand your criticism?

      1. Oh snap.. you got me there. Normally, I like to have a really sly and pithy come back – but you stopped me dead with that logic.

        1. Well, you can’t win ’em all… I’m sure you’ll outwit me next time :)

  2. This is about as strange as Verizon buying AOL

  3. Since Periscope is now introduced to Android, LG is making is smarter move by acquiring Meerkat. They thought it would be a wise idea and something that can increase the umber of their users.

  4. Lol- that description sounds nothing like Meerkat other than its about video. This isn’t happening, and makes little sense for LG.

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