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Every phone deserves to have its fair share of accessories. Whether it’s a protective case, wireless charger, or even headphones, the right accessory can take your experience to the next level. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are amazing phones on their own, but a few accessories can make the experience even better. We’ve compiled a helpful list of the best Galaxy S6 accessories to help you find your next favorite purchase.

Best Galaxy S6 Cases

Phone cases are one of the most common accessories to buy. They can add style, comfort, and protection to your device. Since cases are so popular we’ve given them their own separate lists. You’ll find rugged cases, slim cases, wallet cases, and much more. Be sure to check out both guides below, but first here are a couple that stood out.

Incipio Feather for Galaxy S6


The Incipio Feather is one of our all-time favorite phone cases. It’s extremely thin and sleek, but still slightly flexible. You’ll barely notice it’s even there. The Feather isn’t going to save your phone from a major damage, but it will add some style and keep your phone scratch-free. [Amazon]

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Best Galaxy S6 Edge Cases

The magnificent curved screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge puts it in a class of its own, but with that prestige comes the need for a custom case for snug tight protection. We’ve taken a look at a number of S6 Edge cases and brought to you our favorites.

Speck CandyShell Grip for S6 Edge

Speck CandyShell Grip Galaxy S6 Edge case DSC09492

The CandyShell Grip case has become one of the more popular phone cases around. It has a dual-layer design that mixes hard plastic with grippy rubber. The rubber makes it very easy to hold the phone, but if you still drop it it will be protected. [Amazon]

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Best Galaxy S6 Wireless Chargers

One of the best new features of the Galaxy S6 is the wireless charging. While most phones support either the Qi or PMA wireless charging standards, Samsung made the S6 support both. That means you can buy pretty much any wireless charger on the market and it will work with your device. Here are a few of our favorites.

Incipio Ghost 100


It’s no secret that we love Incipio products. They make a lot of great high-quality accessories for Android devices, including wireless chargers. The Ghost 100 is very compact and it has an indicator LED light that displays the status. [Amazon]

Incipio Ghost 210


The Ghost 210 has the same features of the Ghost 100, but it’s double the length so you can charge two devices at a time. [Incipio]

Tylt Vu


The Tylt Vu has long been one of the best wireless chargers on the market. While most wireless chargers are simply flat “pads,” the Vu doubles as a stand. Your phone is propped up at a 45-degree angle while charging. It’s designed so you can place your phone in any position to charge. [Amazon]

Tylt Vu Solo


The Vu Solo is a more traditional charging pad, but it’s much smaller, and it has a neat little trick. Tylt calls it the “Alignment Ledge,” which is essentially a little clip on the cable that you can set so you always put the phone in the perfect spot. [TYLT]

Best Galaxy S6 Fast Chargers

The Galaxy S6 is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, or “Fast Charging” as Samsung calls it. This technology allows you to charge your device to a usable level in a short amount of time. You can go from 10% to 50% in less than a half hour. Any Quick Charge 2.o charger will work with the Galaxy S6/Edge. Here are a few to check out.

Samsung Fast Charger


The charger that comes with the Galaxy S6/Edge is Quick Charge 2.0 capable. If you need another one you can buy one from Amazon, or check out the alternatives below.

Anker Quick Charger

anker quick

Anker is popular for making affordable tech accessories. The Quick Charger isn’t flashy, but it’s cheap and it gets the job done. [Amazon]

Aukey Turbo Charger

aukey turbo

The Aukey Turbo Charger is another affordable option. [Amazon]

Incipio Auto Charger

incipio auto

If you’re looking to get a fast charge while in your car the Incipio Auto Charger is your best bet. The one downside to this charger is it won’t charge quite as fast as a wall charger, but that is due to limitations with the power provided by cars. [Amazon]

Best Galaxy S6 Skins

A case is an easy way to customize the exterior of your device, but almost all cases add some bulk. If you’re more worried about looks than protection you should consider a skin. They provide tons of personalization without sacrificing the profile of your device.



dbrand has been making skins for phones longer than most people have had smartphones. They use high-quality materials and offer an unrivaled level of precision. For the Galaxy S6 and Edge there are 18 colors/materials to choose from, and you can cover the front, back, and camera if you so choose. [Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge]



SlickWraps is another long-time phone skin maker. They offer nearly 50 different colors, materials, and designs that you can put on your device. You can do the whole device or choose the front, back, or sides. [Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge]

Best Galaxy S6 Screen Protectors

gs6 screen

The Galaxy S6/Edge is equipped with Gorilla Glass 4 on the front (and back). It’s incredibly tough and scratch resistant, but some people still worry. Screen protectors can add another layer of protection if you’re really worried.

Flexion Ballistic Glass [Galaxy S6]

Spigen Full HD [Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge]

Skinomi TechSkin [Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge]

Skinomi Tech Glass [Galaxy S6]

Best Galaxy S6 Car Mounts

Standalone GPS units are a thing of the past. Nowadays everyone has a GPS device in their pockets. The only thing you need to make the perfect travel companion is a car mount.

Mountek nGroove

nGroove wants a hug wm

One of our long-time favorites is the Mountek nGroove. Most mounts require sticky pads or suction cups, but the nGroove uses the CD slot. Most people nowadays are streaming music from their phones, so why not put that CD slot to good use? [Amazon]

Tylt Vu


The Tylt Vu is a great charging stand, but it also comes in a car mount version. The awesome thing about the Vu car mount is it still wirelessly charges your phone while being mounted. Check out our full review. [TYLT]

Best Galaxy S6 SD Cards

Samsung Galaxy S6 OneDrive promo

Oh wait, Samsung removed the SD card slot in the Galaxy S6/Edge. How are you supposed to expand the storage of your phone now? The answer is cloud storage. Storing all your photos and videos in the cloud can be a little scary at first, but once you embrace it there are many benefits.

  1. Access your media from anywhere
  2. Automatic backup
  3. No more swapping SD cards
  4. More reliable

There are many great cloud storage services available. The Galaxy S6/Edge comes pre-loaded with two options: Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. If you haven’t used either one in the past you might want to give OneDrive a show. Galaxy S6/Edge owners get free 100GB of storage just for signing in on the device. Here are some other options if you’re not interested in Google Drive or OneDrive.

User Reviews on Android Forums

There are a boat load of users sharing their experiences with S6 accessories on the Galaxy S6 Forum  and Galaxy S6 Edge Forums forums at You’ll find reviews from users just like you. Here are a few you might especially enjoy:

And hey – after you make your own purchase, how about returning to the forums and sharing your own experience?


The world of accessories is a vast one, especially with phones as popular as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Hopefully we helped you uncover some of the best accessories available. What are some accessories that you use with your smartphone? Do you have any favorite accessory brands?

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  1. My tylt vu does not play nice with my s6 when it is in the UAG case. wen it hits fully charged it cycles charge no charge and screen on off randomly

    1. Thinks for the heads up. The previous samsung charger deosnt work well with this phone either. My phone always slips off of the thing. I don’t have a case yet so do you think the tylt but would work otherwise

      1. It seemed to work better without the case. I am using a cheap no name ebay special the is flat. It works well for induction charging.

  2. Ok PHANDROID,pull up your pants already,everyone’s seen your Samsung S6/Edge Tramp Stamp ad nauseam.

    1. We do this for all the flagships… most popular phones of the year and people are searching the googs for this information furiously. Gotta please the masses! That being said we also want to please our loyal readers so if you have article ideas or topics you really like… let us know.

      1. I understand,but,honestly,the S6/Edge articles,especially the subjective ones such as this one,keep getting re-hashed over & over again.
        It gives the appearance of the articles becoming informercials instead of unbiased reporting/writing.

        Some sponsored articles/links are necessary to pay the bills,that much is not lost on me,but,the repeats could be done without.

  3. If you still have a radio shack store open in your area they make a nice wireless charger that charges pretty fast and works really well through cases…

  4. those car mounts are ridiculous, so huge! MountTek baby, nothing else.

    1. Thing about this mount is that on my car stereo, it’s too close to the volume knob, so I can’t actually adjust the volume when music is playing, which is kind of a PITA. So if you have a large volume knob on yours, you may wanna think twice.

  5. My brother just got his S6 and he’s giddy. I showed him the dbrand stuff and he flipped. Going with the titanium back.

  6. I ordered a tempered glass screen protector for my s6 edge that covers the curved edge. Excited to get it. It’s been on back order, but due to ship the first week in June.

  7. Best wireless charger I’ve found is on Amazon, called the PowerBot, and it’s only about $15. Small round form factor with a rubberized ring top and bottom. It charges very fast and doesn’t require precision placement of the device to start a charge. I returned the Anker one I got because it was finicky, really hard to properly place the phone.

  8. BTW where’s the uag case for the s6. It’s a great case and if ur looking for a thin case for cheap that fits,awesomlyrics check out case

  9. dbrand is good for uniform textures (e.g. wood, leather, metal, etc.). But if you want a fancier skin (with pictures!) I recommend decalgirl.

  10. how did you determine which ones were best? by looking at a catalog?, lol!

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