We’re live at OPPO’s 10 year celebration event, here comes the R7 and R7 Plus



We’re live here on the ground floor of the AOYA Exhibition Center in beautiful Beijing, China to celebrate a decade worth of products from OPPO. It all started with the OPPO X3 MP3 player back in 2005 and the saga continues today with the announcement of the OPPO R7 and R7 Plus. Stay tuned to Phandroid for all things OPPO as we get our first look at their latest addition to the Android world.

Want to watch from the event from comfort of your own home? Tune in right here.

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  1. Wish I was in the market for one but I’ll watch either way :)

    1. I wish offerings by companies like this even made it to the USA and into the hands of providers like Verizon. I would love to try an Oppo or Huawei or Xiaomi.

      So all we can do is watch really.

      1. I would too! I’m really interested in Oppo but cannot just run out and buy a phone outright. besides, I love tinkering with phones first. I wish they would throw these in the carrier stores or Best Buy to play with first.

  2. Live blogging from the shitter at work … reading phandroid.

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