Motorola reminds us they’re still working on the DROID Turbo’s Android 5.1 update



DROID Turbo owners are at their wits end (well the few that care about software updates anyway). Sure, the phone currently runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat like a champ, but Android die-hards got Lollipop on the brain and are fuming that they haven’t received even a taste.

We know the phone will skip all those initial buggy Lollipop releases and jump straight to Android 5.1. The best Android. Motorola told us as much back towards the end of March. Well, in case you thought the phone was forgotten (especially after Motorola posted Android 5.1 release notes for a handful of their devices, even the low-end Moto E), Motorola is once again reminding us that they’re still actively working on the update and is, in fact, coming. Soon. Really soon. Sooner than ever. Unfortunately they weren’t able to provide general release timing, so we’re still left guessing. But hang in there.

The update is said to bring full VoLTE support, which means Verizon has their hands all over the update, probably more so than usual. Many assumed that because the DROID Turbo had such high-end specs, it automatically made it a flagship. Yes and no. The phone is more or less Verizon’s flagship — where it remains a carrier exclusive in North America — than it is Motorola’s. That being said, the Latin American/Mexican version (Motorola Moto Maxx) received Lollipop back in February.

If you’ve been in this Android thang long enough, you’d know Verizon likes to take their time with software updates. The fact that the DROID Turbo is their special little baby means they want to make sure everything works perfectly and properly on their network. We can’t blame ’em. Lollipop is great, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s only great when it’s working properly, and if you’ve seen the havoc it’s wreaked on other Android devices, you’d want to make sure they took their time too.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.

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  1. “Sooner than ever”. Just like everything else in this world? That’s not vague at all.

    1. If it turns out anything like the Moto Atrix 4G, they’ll just say “jk” after you wait for a year. I’m still butthurt over that one.

      1. Same thing happened with the moto cliq xt. It stayed on 1.5 while everything else at the time got 2.1.

        1. *RAGE*

      2. Only five more months :)

  2. So I picked that phone up the day it came out and set it right back down. That phone, by far, had the bulkiest clunky feel (due to that back plate) and the screen.. it just looked terrible on first impression. The thing was like a brick relative to today’s standards.

    1. Did you have the soft touch version or the ballistic nylon one? Because the ballistic nylon is actually SIGNIFICANTLY thicker and bulkier

  3. I wouldn’t mind skipping lollipop altogether and going straight to a version that hasn’t been an utter disaster. Or just keep it on Kit Kat, that’s been running perfectly so far.

  4. I don’t think we’ll ever get 5.1 on the Turbo. I blame carriers.

  5. “you’d know Verizon likes to take their time with software updates”


    1. Except Verizons S5 was first to get most updates out of other carriers S5’s when I had it. Now most other Verizon phones this is true. Just not the S5

  6. I waited patiently for GTA V on PC and it’s turned out great. I will wait patiently for 5.1 for my Droid Turbo, and I anticipate it will be great as well.

  7. They should say it will be ready by 2017. This way if they release it in December of 2016 they could say that they did it sooner than expected. This software release process is a joke.

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