Mobile Roar 91: LG G4 review, Hugo Barra hates SD cards, Project Fi, and more!


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This week Kevin is sharing his final thoughts on the LG G4, is it good enough to compete with Samsung and HTC? We also talk about not all Galaxy S6 cameras being the same, Google Project Fi invites, Pebble Time orders being delayed, Google+ Collections, and the death of expandable storage. Also, of course, we talk about Star Wars. Thanks for watching/listening!

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  • LG G4 Review

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What phone is Chris using: Galaxy S6/DROID Turbo

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MR show 91

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. “This week Kevin is sharing his final thoughts on the LG G4, is it good enough to compete with Samsung and LG?”

    LG = HTC

  2. Very tempted to go with the LG G4 when I move on from my GS4. I miss having a bright screen for the times out in direct sunlight.

  3. A larger internal storage is infinitely more useful to the majority of users than a smaller internal with an SD card. They’re much faster and less prone to issues, you can actually install apps properly to them… I could go on for a while with the benefits of internal over SD but it is mostly common sense if people stop to think about it.

    1. Yet people will continue to want sdcard support because internal storage is typically overpriced and under sized. Give me 128Gb without paying though the roof and I’ll stop using an sdcard.

  4. When you’re taking your kids on a long car trip it’s a lot easier to get a bunch of movies on an SD card than it is to rely on the cloud. They’re charging $100 for every bump in memory on devices, while the equivalent SD card is far less expensive.

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