Cyanogen debuts new video series to highlight Cyanogen OS’s best features


Wondering why everyone goes so crazy over CyanogenMod / Cyanogen OS but not willing to flash it for yourself? Perhaps the company’s latest video series is what you need. They’re calling it Cyanogen Bites, a series of short video highlights showing you the best features of the custom Android-based OS.

Cyanogen Inc new logo

The first one is all about the app themer which lets you customize how individual app looks instead of having to use the same theme for the entire OS. Cool stuff, that, and you can really only get it if you use CyanogenMod. We’ll be on the lookout for more of these as time rolls on, for sure.

[via Cyanogen]

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  1. Cynogenmod once was appealing when it was true open. After fiasco with one plus and partnership with evil empire m$ they lost all respect.

    1. actually MS is a bussiness and closed software from the get go, more evil is Cyanogen being “open” with lots of closed apps and mentallity

  2. That looks awesome. I may just pick up the one plus 2

    1. One plus 2 probably won’t have cm. That’s why they have oxygen os

      1. Maybe it will get CM by flashing it, like any other device that’s supported.

  3. It’s a good thing we can do this because some developers dropped the ball on their themes.
    White text on white background? Get real.

  4. Does the “App Theme” work on any app ? Also, has anyone tried it here and can say how well it works?

  5. That’s all nice and shiny, but that’s doesn’t solve the fact that cyanogen is always behind on stock roms, due to it’s community oriented nature . The community always waits for something like kernel sources to be provided by the parent company of any device, and then all the fun starts. By the time we get something close to stock stability, there’s a new Android iteration out and the game continues. I for one would love cyanogen on my devices, but based on past experiences with all my previous phone, I could never get it to stick for too long (always having to give up some functionality like camera features, or always being hit by various functional bugs). I wish them all good luck, they have nice ideeas, but it’s hard to create something stable on a platform still plagued by huge fragmentation. Just a thought.

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