OnePlus schedules event for 4/20, OnePlus Two incoming?


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After a report revealed that Chinese startup OnePlus would be launching not 1, but 2 handsets this year, former Oppo vice president Pete Lau n’ friends are gearing up to announce something on April 20th. The company — which has upped their employee count from 6 to over 1,000 new workers — announced the news, where else, but on their Google+ page.

OnePlus event invite announcement April 20th 2015

We’re not sure what they’ll be announcing, but it’s pretty short notice. Their announcement post didn’t give us any clues, only that “From here on out, anything could happen.” While it seems fairly sudden to announce a followup to last year’s OnePlus One, it has almost been a year since the original was announced. Still, we’re not ruling out the possibility of a new hemp backed OnePlus One cover either.

Jokes aside, we’d actually love to see a OnePlus Two and maybe smaller OnePlus Half unveiled on Monday. Despite countless flubs over marketing of the OnePlus One last year and an even more frustrating invite system, it’s hard to deny it was a great phone at an even more attractive price point. Recently, OnePlus launched their own in-house Android build for the device dubbed OxygenOS, followed shortly after by Cyanogen OS 12.

We wont have to wait too much longer, April 20th is barely a few more days away. Heck, even sooner if you’re in China. What do you guys think it will be. Even better, what are you hoping for?

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  1. I think they’re just going to announce that everyone will be able to buy a OnePlus One phone without an invite. Hence the ‘you’re invite’ message made available to to the public.

    1. My god! Your idea is just so disappointing it must be true! That’s exactly the kind of weak sauce that we’ve come to expect from this company. Great product, crappy everything else.

    2. Lol. I received a invite just yesterday. Would be funny to see them to announce that.

  2. If they put out another top spec phone at a great price I will be very tempted to try OnePlus again. I’d like a slightly smaller device and water proofing.

  3. It won’t be the phone. To short of the notice. Most likely open to everyone to purchase.

  4. I love my One, but don’t want a smaller version of it in a sequel. It would be nice if rumours are true that there will be a small and large version.

    1. I actually sold mine. Not that I didn’t like the phone.. I was just hoping it was a little brighter in the daylight. Although minor. That’s what I wish for in version #2.

    2. So, if they offer a smaller version, do we need half of an invite or buy 2 with one invite?

  5. I’m hoping for another one of the same size.

    1. Bring on the phablet! Or better yet the tablone!

  6. Announcing the best 2015 phone that will be go on sale in 2016.

  7. Obviously they’re going to announce a “game changing” Oneplus branded bong.

    1. Introducing the new partnership of one plus one , cypress hill ! https://youtu.be/Zzrh5GftgzM

    2. And then AndroidArea will the “same” bong without the logo (and downstem) for $50 more.

  8. If they do announce a phone I have to say they’ll be competing with LG and Sony for my money. The timing, potential pricing, and my ownership of a OPO is swaying me.

    1. Dat G4 doe… ;)

      1. Heck yeah!

  9. What they need to do when the OnePlus Two comes out is offer invites to the people who bought the One first. Continue to maintain the oral base, then get to expansion.

    1. Oral base giggity

      1. Darn, I’m usually better than that! Nice catch.

    2. Works for me. Since I’ve bought the phone. I bet I’ve had four invites since (including one yesterday). One more wouldn’t hurt.

  10. They gonna yell at us to “calm the f down”?

    1. The was the head of Cyanogen not oneplus

    2. That wasn’t a OnePlus employee

      1. Oooops! haha! Terrible mistake! Sorry!

  11. 4/20? Maybe they want us to get real high and forget about all of the delays and just start over with an open mind for this event

    1. lol… I know what one of the material offerings of gonna be… although, I don’t think that would do well with heat resistance… LOL

  12. they need to add the external memory capability and ditch the crazy (own) OS they’re toying (experimenting with). and of course, acknowledge and fix their horrible customer service and ordering process.

  13. I wonder if they will announce they are finally creating a customer service and/or technical support department. God knows they don’t have either right now.

    1. Maybe they’re not doing it because the employees in those dept’s would all commit suicide within a few weeks of starting there. That and the people who work in those fields in general aren’t usually paid enough to want to keep dealing with the psychotic, entitled jacka$$es who often complain to them (unjustifiably at times). It’s not what’s going on this case but it’s always been a horrible field to work in and getting good people to hire take those jobs and stay in them is consequently very difficult.

  14. My fiancee has yet to get 12S :P She’s still frequently glad she got it and not some other device.

    1. Why wait? There are many sites hosting the file, just download it and flash it via TWRP.

      1. She is (unnecessarily) worried about her warranty

        1. You are right about that, she is unnecessarily worried about her warranty. The flashing instructions from OnePlus state that flashing ROMs will not void the warranty. I mean, this phone was designed from the start to allow flashing. Hence OxygenOS. I say flash away, don’t wait.

  15. I think lots of people will forget to attend the event on that date ;) …

      1. This is a terrible Meme

        1. You’re a pretty terrible person from what I can tell so it’s right up your alley.

          1. Come at me bro! Its been a long time coming… We were bound to get into it sooner or later

          2. Didn’t know any brof@gs had the mental capacity to be really into anything that didn’t involve banging women that look like Snooki and J-Woww and getting into fights in bars. You’re one notch above the guidos. Not that that means much, mind you.

            You could stand to improve the attitude a bit, though. Could also learn these things called consideration and not thumping your chest like a scumbag gorilla who can do some things humans can when someone actually tells you how much of a d0uche you are.

          3. Nice novel… You need a napkin for that cry-fest u just had? Durin we’ve done this back and forth since the One M7 era… When are u going to give it up?

  16. When do they stop being a startup?

    1. It’ll be a startup when they’re a brand new independent company.

      Aka never. Never have been, never will be.

  17. Their invite system lost them at least one sale. I now have Note 4 :)

  18. Unless it’s the OnePlus Two and it has front-facing speakers, I’m fairly certain that I won’t care. The S6 is calling my name, and as soon as I can put TWRP on there and root it, I think I’ll be making the move.

  19. “You’re invited”… There’s some irony to that.

  20. Open invites it is. Got the email about 30 minutes ago.

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