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feather buds

Only two days remain to pick up a pair of featherlight wireless Bluetooth earbuds at a special discount through This compact set of headphones doesn’t skimp on features with its tangle-free design (don’t worry, only a short chord tethers the two earbuds to each other), noise-canceling shell, and a built-in microphone for voice calls.

These earbuds make a great companion for any smartphone user. Less inherently dorky than a standard Bluetooth earpiece, they are perfect for listening to your favorite music or making a call. Optional ear hooks keep them in place and insure an effortless fit. You might just forget you are wearing them.

Normally priced at $60, you can pick up your own for only $24.99. You better act quick, though. In less than 48 hours this offer will evaporate.

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  1. If everyone agrees to buy one item from this “BigLots” of the internet,would you be willing to switch A/F back to vBulletin?

  2. Googled the company that sells these headphones and they have absolutely horrible reviews! Unless things are different because androidarea is involved?

  3. *cord*

  4. I ordered these back in February on a Social Stack deal and I still have not received them. I even just bought another similar pair on Amazon because I gave up waiting. I know this may not be common, but just throwing it out there.

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