Google announces new “Designed for Families” program to label family-friendly apps



The Google Play Store is full of great apps, but not all of them are suitable for children. Recently Google has made a push to bring kid-friendly content to the forefront with apps like YouTube Kids. Today they have announced another program for family-friendly content: Designed for Families.

Designed for Families is a Google Play Developer program. If developers opt into the program their apps will undergo an additional review in order to be labeled as being “family-friendly.” Google wants apps from great developers like PBS Kids and Crayola to stand out to families. Right now they are mixed in with all the other Android apps, which makes it hard for parents to find them.

This announcement follows the recent news about Google reviewing all apps more closely. The “Wild West” days of the Android Market are long gone. Developers that opt in to the Designed for Families program will most likely see a longer review process, but the reward will be better visibility among parents and kids. A more curated app store is a good thing for everyone.

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  1. I’d be happier with “designed for family” access controls. Why can’t my family seamlessly share Google drivespace (all of our phone photos auto-upload to the same repository?) For example? Why do I have to purchase apps like a small buisness in order to get a reasonable amount of sharing?

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