Moto 360 (2015) alleged render shows full 360-degree display, new watch strap [LEAK]


Moto 360 DSC06955

It was 3 weeks ago we got a sneak peek at what could have been a Moto 360 successor courtesy of a Lenovo exec showing off prototypes on the Chinese blogging site, Weibo. More recently, details of the device of what could be the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) — codename Smelt — were uncovered by us, with the device boasting a 360×360 display.

Today, new alleged image of the watch is making the rounds and once again, comes to us from the Weibo. Now, it’s unclear where this person obtained the image, or even if its legit, but it does show a render of a watch that looks extremely similar to what the Lenovo exec was showing off the other day.

Moto 360 2015 leak

The image shows a very similar disc/hockey puck-like design, with new watch straps that feature metal attachable arms. It’s interesting because the previously leaked photos of the prototype device also had arms, but they were attached the smartwatch’s metal frame. These are more like inserts.

Also worth pointing out is the physical button is smack dab in the center, like last year’s model and not off towards the top as in the previous leak. You’ll also notice the the “flat tire” bezel, which housed the watch’s display drivers, is also not present in this render, which we admit looks great.

As is the case with most “leaks,” take this with a huge grain of salt. It’s been a little over a year since the original Moto 360 was officially announced, so we bet we’ll be seeing more of this Moto 360 followup in the weeks leading up to Google I/O 2015.


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  1. the watch on his arm is upside down

    1. actually its not upside down put that hand straight down in front and thats the proper angle. lol especially since the button is on the right.

      1. u r correct sir!

    2. Only if you prefer other people reading your watch instead of yourself.

    3. I thought that too. Then I realized that I wear my watches on my right hand. I got like super mind-scrambled from that picture.

  2. if they made the screen tamper on all sides like the moto x 2014 that would be nice. screen needs to be more responsive also

    1. More responsive? Any touch input is immediate on my 360, even coming off dimmed mode, and I have a screen protector.

      1. when i try swiping away cards it hardly works with the first swipe especially when the screen is just waking up. its not terrible or unusable, just an area i think it could be better

        1. I think you should contact Moto as I think it’s a hardware/lemon problem for yours and not software since one of the many updates should have fixed it by now. Mine is actually TOO sensitive at times.

          Nothing like a new 360 cuz of warranty!

        2. My Moto 360 is like that also, it doesn’t work all the time. I like it but was hoping for more features. Not being able to make a call through the watch is a letdown, to be honest. And the vibration seems a little low, I miss some of the notifications…Also, framerate seems a little choppy at time, even with the last 5.0.2 update. I demand more, I really hope future Android Wear updates make it a little more interesting.

  3. Looks thinner, hope it’s similar to this even if fake. May upgrade if it lasts over 2 days with avg use.

    1. Unless, the Moto 360 2 is somehow butt ugly, I’m upgrading regardless.

  4. I’m not even going to read the article. That is one of the fakest “leaks” I have ever seen.

    And this looks nothing like the other leak. No lugs to hold strap.

    1. You should have read the article. It said that this wasn’t a leak and that this is actually the watch.

      Question: Should I wait until you angrily comment back or say that I’m trolling now?

  5. Motorala is almost there.
    Thinner watch, better display, longer battery life and much better titanium band, and I’m there:)
    Oh wait, that’s a whole lot to ask.
    But again, if I’m going to wear a piece of jewelry, it better be worth the trouble.

    1. Better wait for Tag Heuer then.

      1. Do you think the Tag Heuer will be under $1000, much less under $500? I think that’s a special market watch, not for the average consumer. I could be wrong and they may surprise us with a price competing watch, but they are more of a high end watch company.

        1. I’m not holding hope for that. Potentially $1k ballpark because their last timepiece with basic digital function was in the $1-1.5k price range (Formula 1 Chronotimer) as well as the older Kirium which were in market the last decade.

          But I expect a price range of $3k-$6k which fits with digital features of the Aquaracer line as well as the Grand Carrera line the Wear device will be based on.

          They are a high end timepiece company, but their focus is hitting the entry level consumers (at least when I was in that industry), not like Zenith, Rolex, etc. What I have seen is through the years their price range has increased a lot and they’ve lost their entry level price range so Wear may be able to enter that bracket. It all depends if they want to combat the Wear or Apple price point.

          Regardless of price I expect good quality from them and as long as they sell in jewelry stores I’ll be buying. Recall they made cellphones as well, and they were too expensive and sub par on specs. I don’t expect this given the partnerships for the Wear device.

        2. But OP seems to want the best out of a “piece of jewelry” and what other way to get the best than to pay for it?

  6. This looks a lot different than the Lenovo leaked parts image. For instance, there are little arms extending from the case for the band to connect to. This is more like the current 360 where the band is more internal so to speak, which makes it hard to use a lot of standard size bands that usually end up resulting in cracking the plastic bottom.

  7. I always imagine this super closeup of a grain of salt every time I read “huge grain of salt”. LoL!! Like imagine someone walking with this huge 6 x 6 x 6 cubic feet(Did I word that right?) grain of salt.

  8. Better still have an ambient light sensor.

    1. I think that may be a little hard.

      1. The current one has it.

        1. Right. Thus the “flat tire” design. But if the new model is all screen, then there won’t be any room left for an ambient light sensor. Hence, it would be hard.

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