Is this Motorola’s next version of the Moto 360?


moto 360 2

It was only a matter of time before the next Moto 360 rumors and leaks started. The Moto 360 was (and still may be) the most popular Android Wear device to date, which makes the next model highly anticipated. An executive from Lenovo (who acquired Motorola last year) may have spilled the beans on their follow-up.

A Chinese Facebook community posted the photo you see above last night. They claim the photo was taken by Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing. We can see a padded case filled with different bands and what appears to be a bunch of old Moto 360 parts. Take a closer look and you’ll notice a few key differences.

The side button is now position slightly closer to the band instead of centered on the side. The bigger difference is the new lugs that connect the watch band to the body. The original Moto 360 didn’t have exposed lugs like most watches. The bands sort of disappeared underneath for a very clean look. The new Moto 360 with the lugs takes on a more traditional design, which frankly I don’t like as much.

It’s not an article about the Moto 360 if we don’t talk about the “flat tire.” Yes, it does appear to still be there. However, there is a good chance they are still using the old displays in these new designs. Motorola would be very foolish to ignore all the complaints about the “flat tire” and not get rid of it. We’ll wait before we rage.

Thanks Mike!

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  1. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, it looks like there’s different diameter sizes in there.

    1. Yeah maybe a smaller size to cater to the ladies.

      1. Or very manly men with slightly smaller-than-average wrists. (cough)

  2. Lugs are good to get rid of cracked back issue.

    1. Cracked back? I’m more worried about cracked fronts. I knock my 360 into anything and everything cuz I’m so clumsy. Thankfully the screen protector has done its job.

      My first thought was you meant the little pieces of bracelet/lugs I found falling out of that area when I first got it, but I think it was excess plating/material from manufacturing, which didn’t affect the structure.

  3. I posted a link about this leak about an hour ago on the comments to share the knowledge.. Then the comment was removed….wow #haterade

    1. No #haterade, you just randomly posted up the link in a totaly unrelated story. Removing it was logical. And now here you go.

      1. Right. So then when Kevin posted that redundant article about “how to screenshot with GS6” why did Phandroid close the comments so quickly? Knowledge is Knowledge.. I have been on many websites and posted links to New things I have found and never been deleted..whether its relevant or not.

        Besides the article I posted on only had 4 excuse me for spicing things up…the deal is here that there are certain people who get their feelings hurt who moderate this website..

        So the comment was obviously not that irrelevant since Joe made an article an hour later…

        It’s Android!!!!!

        Just saying…

        1. Yeah they did close those comments fast. I think people started hating on the topic like, “really, this is what we are talking about now”?. I was surprised that one got closed. I dropped some hate in it I admit. Heck, maybe it was my fault :0

          1. Not only did they close the comments…they also deleted them all but a few!! That’s not cool…your supposed to take the good with the bad..not every pancake comes out right…so to delete the dialogue between us community members is downright unprofessional..

  4. I don’t know if it is. But I do know, I don’t really care if it is.

    It looks like the box of junk watches the guys in NY show you on the street.

    Now that is some serious #haterade – but just being honest

    1. hey, are you ok?? seriously, you have been on a mad tear lately. not used to seeing you so ruthless! haha

      1. I try to be an equal opportunity offender. I hate when I hate, I love when I love, I just call it as I see it at the moment. I make positive comments where applicable. 99.28% of the time I have a smile on my face as much of it is tongue and cheek. Not a total troll, being honest, but don’t always have positive things to say.

  5. There are going to be watches for the ladies and kids stay tune.

  6. Taken with a Moto X 2016…

  7. 1. i like the lugs. previous one without them did not look right to me.
    2. the flat tire on face is no good.
    3. i prefer a centered crown.

  8. Looks like a smaller tire to me. If they didn’t have the tire they don’t really have anything for ambient light. I’ll take the sensor over looks.

    I don’t like the movement of the button, it’ll be harder to reach.

    I wish I had that case of parts. But either way Tag has my money for my second Wear purchase.

  9. That’s what am talking about. I asked this on g+ a couple os days ago, when can we expect 2nd gen moto 360. Seems the answer is coming in…..

  10. Still got the flat tyre by the looks of it…

  11. From the look of what is in the case I think we can make a few assumptions:
    1) the internals being shown likely gen. 1 360 parts. The smaller faces look like mules, not functioning screens to me.
    2) There are at least two sizes coming. Makes sense.
    3) Lugs are being added and that definitely gives the impression of a classic watch.
    4) There are loose rings in that case. They appear to be a customizable piece of the body or perhaps swappable by the consumer? This, I think, is outstanding as now you can match your watch to your phone.

    THe big curiosity that remains: what’s inside? I think we can assume it will be a qualcomm SoC, the two companies seem to have a terrific working relationship. Will it have a round Mirasol display? That could be the killer element needed to drive this watch far out front of the competition.

  12. This is just like Moto’s evolution from the first gen Moto X to the second gen Moto X. “Fixing” all the wrong things and and not touching the things that should be fixed. I just want a 1st gen 360 without the flat tire, a newer soc for better battery, and maybe a little thinner. I DON’T want to see lugs being thrown on when the first gen was so clean, or the crown being moved ever so slightly to a less natural position (probably to imitate the off centered apple crown). The only unique design element this seems to share with the first gen is the flat tire, that’s no bueno to me.

  13. Fr the photo it seems like there is an outer ring to support the leather strap. If the flat tire still exist. It will be a disappointment.
    The Moto 360 second gen better be a better processor or else another disappointment and Moto 360 takes thing too slowly. No wonder Huawei catching up.

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