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A cool feature from Google+ is now making its way to Google Now. “Stories,” which is a feature that automatically creates a story from photos based on location, has begun showing up in users’ Google Now feeds. The card shows a preview of the story, which you can then tap to go to Google+ and publish for your followers to see or just enjoy for yourself.

The notification for a new Story used to show up in Google+, but with the news of Google+ Auto Backup moving to Google Drive it would make sense that this notification also moves. If you want to use Google+ Stories there are a few things you need to do.

  1. Turn on Google Location History
  2. If you store photos on Google Drive, show your Drive photos & videos in your photo library
  3. Use Auto Backup on your mobile device or computer
  4. Make sure Auto Awesome is on
  5. Add your home & work addresses in Google Maps
  6. Take a lot of pictures

If you don’t like the Stories feature you can disable it by turning off Auto Awesome. Do you use Google+ Stories? Have you seen the notifications in Google Now?

[via Google+]

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  1. Love the story compilations, especially the “year in review” vids

  2. The Drive feature is just a mirror of G+ uploads. Unless we’re going to start seeing Stories for exclusively Drive pictures, it’s nothing new, just a G+ notification being in Now.

    The Stories are pretty good, I tend to get a G+ notification after a couple days since upload. I’ll look forward to it as it’ll notify me sooner as I only see G+ notifications when I go into my Chromebook twice a month.

  3. 1. Turn on Google Location History

    … and there goes my Nexus 5’s battery.
    Location in Android is painful and poorly done.
    Google Play services makes sure of this: Have a poor signal? Well let’s just ping the hell for cell tower / Wi-Fi / GPS location information. Can’t really find any reliable data? OK, let’s keep the phone awake and PING HARDER!
    #pingharder :/

    1. #pingmebaby

  4. This is great if I’m only taking family/friend/vacation pics, but silly if I’m taking pictures of computer & office equipment, or other things that really don’t deserve stories.

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