Sony Xperia Z4 leaked from every angle, newly exposed charging port and all


Sony Xperia Z4 onleaks

In an update to yesterday’s “teaser” leak where we only got a look at half of the device, we’re now getting a real good look at the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 from just about every angle. The new renders, which the author notes are still early and subject to change, reveal some interesting changes coming to Sony’s flagship.

On the smaller side of changes, the SIM slot has been moved from the right side of the device to the left. Although it’s not labeled, it could share a slot with the micro SD card. You’ll also notice Sony going with more of an Xperia Z2 style speaker slits along the very top and bottom of the display glass. No biggie.

Sony Xperia Z4 leak front back 1

Probably the most notable changes are the absence of the charging dock pins along the side, as well as the moving of the charging port from the top left — where it was hidden under a waterproof flap — down to the bottom, where it is now completely exposed. So what does that mean for water resistance?

Sony Xperia Z4 front back top

Sony Mobile has long made it a water resistance a staple of their entire Xperia line, even on the low-end. Ditching this ethos on a new flagship would be counter-intuitive and simply wouldn’t make sense for a company that’s been struggling to make headway into a crowded smartphone market.

We can’t say for certain what we’re looking at here, not until Sony makes it official. Judging by recent leaks — and the influx of 2015 flagships — we imagine that wont be too much longer.

UPDATE: As our some have pointed out in the comments, Sony is no longer hiding the charging port behind a waterproof flap in their latest devices like the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, and the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, but still keeping that high Ingress rating (IP65/68).

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  1. The charging port could have a hydrophobic coating on it much like the headphone jack does to keep water out.

    1. Interesting, didn’t know that’s how the headphone jack is sealed, thought it would be some gasket on the internal side of the jack. You’d think the hydrophobic coating would wear off with metal on metal rubbing when inserting headphones and it would still leak if the pressure outside of the device exceeded the interior pressure (phone under water).

  2. It is waterproof, the recently announced Xperia M has an exposed waterproof USB port so I imagine this does too. I hope the lack of a magnetic port means it includes wireless charging.

    1. What IP rating is that phone?

      1. “This new handset is rated at IP65 and IP68, which allows it to be submerged in 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes”


    2. So does the z4 tablet

    3. Shoot, you’re totally right. I even played with the Xperia M4 Aqua at MWC but somehow didn’t notice the exposed port. I’m an idiot.

      1. Admitting it is the first step to recovery!

  3. Verizon?

    IMHO better looking than S6 and M9 and has MicroSD and audio port on top (bottom is terrible) 4gb RAM. I’d hit it… and keep it around.

    1. My thing was always the size and shape of the Z4. The sharp corners always look weird in my pockets and the overall size is just a smidge too big.

      That being said, I’m super hyped about the Xperia Z4 Compact (although we haven’t seen much in terms of leaks).

      1. Wish they brought those top and bottom bezels down more as well.. Always a dislike for me with Sony bezels

      2. I’m used to a large thing looking weird off to my left pocket, so this in my right would add a sort of balance. I’m all about the feng shui.

        1. I see what you did there

  4. The waterproof flaps are a major annoyance. Waterproof or not, I hope they leave them off.

    1. The flaps are annoying on the Z3 and lower models. The Z4 eliminates the flap for the charger but cannot with the SD Card or SIM Card because those are both not waterproof.

  5. We need Sony xepria phones on AT&T . I have the xperia z tablet it is incredibly well made and the android is i bare bone love it

  6. Z4 Ultra please!

  7. Damn, no Micro SD? The hits just keep on coming in 2015.

    1. Where did you get that from?

      1. Speculation from the images.

        1. Speculation does not mean it’s true.

          1. That’s why it’s speculation son, and not verification.

    2. The large flap on the left of the phone?

      1. I’m hoping it’s going to function as both the SIM and Micro SD slot.

  8. just got the Xperia Z3v coming from the Nexus 5 and it has made me a huge fan. Installed Google Now Launcher and all my google apps and its practically a Stock Android device with some extra goodies.

    1. Same here. I jump around frequently from major brand, and someone bought me the Z3v when I wasn’t even thinking of it, and now I think I’ll stick with them as long as they keep making them.

  9. Why keep the same old design when nobody is buying them to the point that Sony is soon to shut down their Mobile division

    1. What do you mean. Look at that USB port!

      1. Lmfao. oh sh*t that IS impressive, well damn this is gonna sell like crazy lol.

    2. Everyone needs to shut up about shutting down mobile division… It was NEVER affirmative that they would do this…In fact they just said it would be considered..however recently.. They stated they are keeping the division.. Do your homework!!!!

    3. i for one still love the design and i dont think that’s the failing factor. lets face it consumers are generally dumb, they dont really know about products unless it’s heavily advertised and has huge brand recognition. that’s the downfall for sony. they dont have that. they’re not even available in most carriers which kills them

  10. What is the second slot on the bottom part…apart from the microUSB port?

    1. lanyard hole

  11. Great they got rid of one flap.

  12. why stick to the same formula when they just are not selling?? I’d really consider one if it was in AT&T stores so I could go play with it for myself. And why is it so bulky looking?? I know renders dont really show the true size but it just looks bulky…

    1. They’re selling, not as much and not in the US but there’s other markets they’re “supposedly” targeting and not the US (for some reason)

    2. i think the images on on this site are distorted. they dont look nearly as bulky on other sites

  13. That button location seems annoying as hell. I have a G2 and my work phone is a Galaxy S4 and I hate the buttons on the side. I push them all the time. LG is genius for putting them on the back. You can firmly grip your phone without worrying about hitting a button.

  14. If they hurry up and launch this, they might steal some disenfranchises M9 and S6 prospects away. The phone does look nice. I’m planning on getting an M9 when it drops, but if this happened to be out the same time and was getting better reviews, I’d have to reconsider.

  15. No magnetic charger, then no thanks…

  16. Sony! Improve camera to max no matter the cost (of design). Your camera for z3 is crap! garbage! Sony make the phone d u r a b l e. Also the magnetic charger is not a bad thing. But next is battery life. IMPROVE BATTERY LIFE, 2 day is nogo. Make 4 day battery at least.

    I dont know if you got it so i repeat CAMERA + DURABLE + BATTERY LIFE. If you manage this i will buy a Sony Z4.

  17. come to daddy

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