HTC One M9 (Hima) leaked in press and case renders, One M8 comparison thrown in for good measure


HTC-One-M9-Hima press render

When it rains, it pours. We’re a little over a month away from HTC unveiling the followup to last year’s phenomenal HTC One M8 with the all new HTC M9 (codename Hima). Okay, well mostly new. According to the first crop of leaked images — which we showed you guys only yesterday — the phone may not look all too different from the design of the current One M8.

The main difference between this year and last year’s models being updated internal specs, a square shaped camera hole, and the placement of the power button (now located on the side of the phone, just underneath the volume rocker).

After leaking a few purported images of the phone in the wild, Nowhereelese.fr have now come across a leaked press render of the phone (the back anyway) and a few renders of the device as it appears in a few generic cases. Take a look.

HTC-One-M9-Hima black case

HTC-One-M9-Hima side case

While some assumed HTC could be attempting to hide the real design by packing M9 hardware inside the M8 housing, after receiving a few images of the phone being tested in the wild (that we sadly, aren’t allowed to post), we can confirm — this lines up exactly with what we’re seeing.

Okay, so if HTC is really opting for a similar (read: identical) design as last year’s model (ala iPhone), you’re probably wondering exactly how much has changed from the HTC One M8 to the new HTC One M9. Well, not much. Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhereelse.fr posted this quick comparison image to his Twitter page, showing the two devices side-by-side, even super imposing them on top of each other.


Sure there are some small differences — notably the size of the bezels — we can’t being too sure. Naturally, there’s a margin of error associated with attempting to line up two completely different images. We’ll need to see more before we can be sure.

In any case, we’ve been screaming for years that Android OEMs should adopt the Apple model of keeping a flagship phone’s design for 2 generations (updating the internals, of course) before moving onto something new.

We’re curious. If this HTC M9 is, in fact, the final design of the phone, would you have any objections with it?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. imho there was exactly one beautiful htc phone and that was the one m7

    1. I think the One M8 is the pinnacle of HTC smartphone design. Well, that and the HTC Legend.

      1. The HTC Legend was beautiful. The M7 inherited from that. The M7 is perfect. The M8 was TOO rounded (and thus more slippery than if chamfered), and the brushed metal texture is not as nice as the smooth aluminum of the M7. Granted, these are things I’d overlook, but I would prefer they weren’t so.

        I’m still ready to buy whatever they release on Day 1, though. I was gonna buy a used M8 for $300-ish, anyway.

      2. I also prefer the edgy m7 design.
        Also the One Mini M4 was a little bit more pretty than the M7,
        HTC Hero anyone?

        1. I loved my Sprint Hero. My favorite phone. Still miss it. ;)

      3. I gotta agree. I hold tight to my claim that the m8+ – droid DNA is when they peaked. But the m8 is right there with them. This will be a good move since the m8 did so well but that square camera thing… Wth….

        1. Onex+ I mean…

      4. My vote goes to the One X and then HTC fell off.

  2. I prefer the M7s design more because it was more square… I’m already disappointed that we won’t have a bigger screen size.

    1. I like the way square looks, but hate the way the corner stick out of my skinny jeans.

      The M8 was so slick. Looked like it was apart of my body. Gave me loads of confidence. O_o

    2. I refuse to use a phone bigger than the M8. 150mm x 75mm should be the limits on phone dimensions. Anything over in either dimension is considered a “phablet” to me.

  3. Looks good to me. I haven’t had the M7 or M8 so it’s new to me.

  4. looks nice , they need to ditch the color though , really nice but honestly no one wants that color , stick to the basics black white silver …m7 was honestly the best designed phone ever , you can see why apple blatantly copied it 2 years later , love my old m7 , this looks good too

  5. As I paid full price to keep unlimited data, I don’t believe there is any good reason to upgrade from the M8. It will be the M10 or maybe the latest greatest Nexus for me when its time.

  6. HTC just shot themselves in the foot with this debacle of a flagship!! Why in the world would someone who has a M8 or M7 for that matter upgrade to this? I would love to hear why? So HTC thinks they are relevant where they can recycle the same phone again huh? March 1st will be their biggest disappointment, along with more sinking quarters

    1. Better camera, more efficient processor, Sense 7.0. I don’t see current One M8 owners rushing out to buy this and really, I don’t think it’s intended for them.

      It’s to capture all the people from the previous year, still holding onto the One M7, Galaxy S4 (or even S5) and are looking for something new/better.

      It’s kinda like what Apple does and it’s worked well enough for them.

      1. That’s the thing, HTC isn’t Apple. Why do you guys act like HTC is relevant? They can’t follow Apple/Samsung’s strategy. HTC don’t sell phones. Am I only one realizes that? But I guess you can always hope. LOL
        A M9, Desire 826, can’t save them. Their problems are evident, they refuse to listen and change.

        1. I’m curious to know what you think they should do? What is it that they’re missing?

          1. Change/remove the BEZELS and the logo, listen to your consumers, start with that. Then we can go to step 2.

          2. How does Samsung manage…are they listening? awful Touchwiz, awful faux leather are heavily criticised in reviews.

          3. But Samsung make millions that’s how they manage. Touchwiz will be slimmed down in Android 5.0 and they are a household name. The Note series is a hit. But HTC is still in the dungeon as a no name. FYI: I don’t care for Samsung or HTC but facts are facts and $$$ don’t lie.

          4. Samsung also makes my washer/dryer. Just because they make millions, doesn’t mean they are superior.

            Do you think (eg) Beats are better than Sennheiser headphones? I can guarantee Beats makes more money than Sennheiser.
            If you’re logic is based on who makes the most money, then your opinions aren’t based on the actual products (in this case, phones), rather it’s based of hype and popularity.

          5. Your reading between a line that isn’t there. Stop taking my responses to others out of context. I never said they are superior because they make more money. As I stated previously, facts are facts and $$$ don’t lie.

          6. “Why do you guys act like HTC is relevant? They can’t follow Apple/Samsung’s strategy”

            “A M9, Desire 826, can’t save them. Their problems are evident, they refuse to listen and change”

            It sounds like you’re saying they are unable to compete, therefore inferior. If you think $$$ is all that matters, then you must not be a very opinionated person.

          7. Dude it’s not about opinions, it’s about business. $$$ == revenue == more advertising/marketing, R&D, etc. It’s all about the $$$. Business’s aren’t in business to look good. They produce products in hope of returns!! So at the end of the day, the pretty shiny aluminum, if it doesn’t sell, its a paperweight. Companies lose more $$$ and influence==== less consumers.

          8. God you’re dense…
            You should major in business.

          9. Na, I’m a realist. I call a spade a spade. I don’t ride hype trains over non relevant/barely surviving companies.

          10. Is trolling your hobby? If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Stick to you nexus devices. good luck with that battery life.

          11. Don’t care for the Nexus 5/6, I don’t know what your getting at. Do tell…

          12. Okay, so what OEM do you like? You keep trashing manufacturers without giving an example of a model that you consider not crap.

          13. Wait a sec, it isn’t about $ here. We are discussing the merits of the new model of the HTC flagship, not the profits they will make from it.

          14. +1 for schooling this man.

          15. Sense is ugly , but Samsung is doing a good thing? SMH

          16. Sense, touchwiz, Lg, etc. Are all crap and ugly just so you know

          17. Don’t bother with this Samsung fanboy

          18. Someone’s feelings are hurt

          19. Think hes either 12 or a virgin. Something is wrong with this dude. Apparently in his delusional world sales equal quality or success.

          20. I don’t understand what you are saying. There is no point behind what you are saying. The companies that keep the same to similar design for a few years are the most sucessful (as well as popularity and reputation). Google Nexus line changes design year to year, not a high seller. Moto changes year to year (looks like they may not anymore) not a high seller. Samsung and Apple devices look the same year to year and we know the money they make so I don’t understand. I agree HTC needs to lose the bezel but they do not need a radical drastic change. The design is beautiful, work on the smaller things

          21. So since Apple/Samsung uses that strategy are you saying it will work for HTC? If so your wrong, they have had the same design for 2 years and this will be the 3rd and still can’t sell their phones. LOL
            Bezels, we talking about bezels? Try again, Htc made the hole they are in and it won’t be any different this year. Sorry to burst your bubble since you think so highly of them.

          22. No that’s not what I’m saying at all. Regardless of them swithching the design or not, they won’t make a huge difference in sales this coming year. Samsung and Apple are exclusively so successful because of popularity and reputation. Apple could release any old device design and they would still sell significant amount of units. The design of the One is not the issue with it not selling. In my opinion Apple’s iPhone became big because it was sort of the “first of its kind”. Samsung became just as popular or 2nd because of marketing, great ads, catchy features, going toe to tow with the big dog apple. At this point apple and Samsung don’t have to market their new devices because they have such a following. HTC Moto or anybody else for that matter do not have that success in the ad department. No average comsumer sees the Moto x and knows the name or HTC one and none of that is because of design

          23. Design will play a difference, look at the forums, people are outraged that this new M9 looks so close to the M7/M8. It will take design, Marketing/advertising, etc. Apple’s name sells itself that a whole different conversation. If you can remember, HTC used to be a top dog, but countless issues over the years have sunk their ship. Too many devices a year, not fixing issues, bad leadership, etc the list is long. Now Samsung and other OEM’s are taking their spot. Sometimes you only get one chance to be the King of the Hill and HTC days are over. It takes years to recuperate. Without average consumers buying HTC products, forget about it. They are like Humpty Dumpty and had a great fall.

          24. You’re missing my point. I never said that keeping the design will get them to the top. Like you said Samsung is their and I domt see them leaving anytime soon. What I am saying is HTC may not do many things right. But one thing they have gotten right is the hardware. It isn’t perfect but it is beautiful. Right now I feel they shouldn’t change the one thing they have going for them. They could refine some things and change a few small things hardware wise but a drastic change could be fatal for them after the great design they put forth with the m8. And yes sense I’d f*ckin garbage and the camera made embarrassed to pull my phone out for any kind of picture/video. I replaced sense with google play edition software but there was no saving the camera quality so I bought a moto x

          25. Oh ok, I see

          26. And I don’t think highly of them at all. I owned the m8 and outside of the beautiful design of the phone I didn’t like it all that much. Sense is ugly, the camera is crappy. The speakers were lovely tho

          27. Wow, now I do agree with you there that Sense is ugly and the camera is crap. You are the first one I have heard that had the phone but thought Sense was ugly. Most Htc fans think Sense is the best thing since sliced bread.

          28. Which android overlay looks better in your opinion

          29. Do NOT change the bezel!! OMG!! I do NOT want a bezel-less phone. Ugh!!

            I like what HTC is doing. =.[

        2. what change are you taking about?

    2. Do you expect a radical design change yearly? It’s called refinements. That’s the deal with technology in general.

      1. HTC has played on this design for 3 years now. M7/M8/M9. Ray Charles can see that. I’m not expecting radically changes each year but Htc has been giving mediocre attempts each year and this isn’t any different.

        1. I’m ecstatic that they didn’t change the design much from the M8, as I love my M8 and think it’s about the perfect size and design. So a slightly tweaked version with smaller bezels is about all I’d want them to do to it other than maybe get rid of the HTC bar. I would almost rather them put capacitive buttons there so at least it’s useful somehow and give you the option for capacitive or on-screen buttons like the OnePlus One does.

          I’ll be handing my M8 down to my wife and picking this up for sure. I’m mostly glad that they didn’t buy into the QHD hype as I’d rather have much better performance and battery life over a barely (if at all at 5″) perceptible PPI bump. 1080p with a 810 will stomp on any other QHD phone in performance, esp in graphics/games. And if the Z3 is any indicator, battery life should be significantly better as well.

        2. Mediocre? The M7 and M8 have regularly been praised, rightfully so, as beautiful phones. They’re easily, in my opinion, the best sounding phones on the market.

          If you’re opinion is that they’re mediocre phones, that’s fine. I’m willing to bet that you’re in the minority though.

          Why mess with something beautiful? It’s the M8 with a better camera, smaller bezels and a spec bump. Awesome.

          1. The M7/M8 was praised by the tech community, which is the minority. Outside of tech geeks, HTC M7/M8 are irrelevant because no one knows who or what they are. Phones that don’t sell are mediocre and in this case one that happens to be aluminum with an overpriced price tag.

          2. why should we care about sales numbers, that’s for corporations to worry about??

          3. And us Stock Holders!! Hehehehe

          4. Is your only purpose here to troll on HTC? Go get a Samsung then.

          5. No one is trolling. We are having discussions here. Grown folks.

          6. Grown folks, huh? I’m turning 48 in a month kiddo.

          7. And yes you are trolling, not having a discussion. Every comment you have made is to trash HTC. You don’t like Sense? Great, but a lot of people do, and you are making fun of them. Over priced? Probably. Not as overpriced as iPhones IMO. The main reason I went to HTC with my last phone purchase was because of the quality of their build and aluminum unibody structure. And mostly because of their attention to audio quality. You’ve made more posts on this subject than anyone else, and every post has been a bash on HTC. Not trolling? Sure you’re not. Get a life.

          8. I have responded to a lot of post, yes. Because your a die hard htc fan you can’t take criticism. Why are you so serious? Lol SMH

          9. The “minority” are the smartest and most intelligent of any users of Android devices. Why ? Because owners of the M7/M8 are people that actually did research and chose their phone based on that research and not just what is popular, or selling. A phone that doesnt sell well is not immediately mediocre. Its just not on every surface that people see like the iPhone or the Galaxy. That is the ONLY reason they sell well. The M8 trounced every competitor in tech site polls. Why ? Because it was THE best Android offering. If HTC had as big a marketing budget as Apple or Samsung it would be selling as well or better. People only buy what they see, its a known fact.

          10. If Htc, If Htc that. Forget about it. They had every opportunity that Samsung/Apple has had but squandered it away. Bad moves and over saturating the market with crap phones with terrible battery life has taken it’s toll over the years. Mediocre phones ==== phones that don’t sell. Their branding has went from 8/9 4-5 years ago to a 2. It’s over. Stop making excuses for them, their is no justifying it.

        3. the M7 design is totally different than the M8..what are you talking about?

          1. Are you kidding me? How are these M7/M8 TOTALLY different? SMH

        4. If you can’t tell the difference between M7 and M8 then go shoot yourself. Smh.

          1. Your in denial.

    3. There may not be a huge reason to upgrade from the M8, but I’d say the internals alone are more than enough to upgrade from the M7. Then add in the fact that it will more readily receive upgrades and has expandable memory. Why wouldn’t someone be ready to step up, especially if they have an upgrade?

    4. Camera

    5. You do realize ever since like 2013, phones haven’t really advanced anywhere? I mean before you HAD to get a phone practically every year. Now you can keep phones for 3+ Years. So of course people with the M7 and especially M8 have no reason to get this. Phones aren’t advancing that fast anymore.

  7. IMO the HTC M8 is a very superior phone design. It’s just such a nice size, shape and feature full design. …well, besides the durability. I have no doubt that the M9 is going to be very close in design. That’s the price we pay for such a beautiful structured case with superb material choice. I just (days ago) received my m8 replacement. I dropped it once and the case dented on the one side. After this it started overheating and just rebooting at random. Shortly after the screen started popping out. (my hidden compartment g+ post).

    I currently am using the Nexus 6 because I love the screen size and text more than call people. The M8 is truely 50% better form factor for a more practical day to day use…unless you are a giant with giant hands.

    But as you know… once you use a larger screen… it’s hard to downsize :(

  8. Definitely not worth getting rid of my M8 for the M9!

  9. Looks like the speaker covers are a part of the rear housing, truly unibody. But I’m not buying practically the same phone a third time. Good change is the location of the lock button, but I don’t see a single reason to get this over the g flex 2 or g4..

    1. Exactly

    2. I guess you haven’t own iphones or galaxy phones either? They are pretty much the same every time until recently

      1. Hence why I don’t buy iPhones or Galaxies. That and the terrible UI of IOS and Touchwiz.

    3. well g4 does’nt exactly come out in the same season. Cant really compare it to that. As far as the Gflex2, i guess one would have to wait on a camera/performance comparison. As a g3 owner, i hope they optimized the skin’s performance a tad.

  10. /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.htc.sense.browser/files/TMP

    This what I would have wanted to see ideally. If I had to pay for the m9 full price I would probably wait for the m10. But considering I am getting it for free, I will pick it up. I’m rather disappointed with the front… That HTC bez and the top just drive me crazy…This is such a great phone why mess it up? It’s no wonder they are not doing as great as they could be doing.

    1. They refuse to change. It’s evident. They think nothing is wrong. SMH
      At some point the tech community has to call these companies out! But it seems as if as long as its aluminum, a lot of folks are satisfied. Aluminum isn’t for everyone

      1. Then go for the HTC Desire line..there are options

        1. The Desire line is crap.

      2. I’m fine with the bezel. Its only a design factor and not everyone wants a bezel-less phone. Heck, I make tons of accidentally presses and I have this “extra” bezel. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be if I didn’t.

        Then I’d have to have software running in the background just to make sure I don’t make accidental clicks. Ugh… There’s enough resources being used already.

  11. I like what HTC is doing!! Since the HTConeM7…they have been releasing intriguing devices. Many manufacturersare releasing Similar devices..Samsung S series, Note series are similar in design. Moto devices are now similar..Sony is releasing similer-yet improved designs..I like how HTC is making a trademark for itself. So in reality there shouldn’t be any complaints..

    All though..I will say..make the Black bezel functional and add capacitive buttons at the least….

    1. Actually, you’re right. Capacitve buttons would be nice. Kinda like how the OnePlue One is.

  12. So the M9 looks to be a true uni-body design, slimmer bezels, higher resolution screen, bigger battery, 810 chipset more ram…and all this is not good enough for a lot of you?

    1. If it is a huge upgrade over my Nokia Lumia 1520 and the 800 chipset, then it is a worthy upgrade, once they release their Windows Phone variant.

    2. It isn’t a higher resolution screen based on the alleged specs.

  13. Still looks better than samsung galaxy s series design. Will upgrade from m7.

    1. You haven’t seen the S6 curved variant yet

      1. Well… It is still too early to judge that before both phone finally come out.

  14. All the potential for perfect left/right top/bottom symmetry flushed down the toilet for branding every person would have provided through word of mouth as the showed off their phone.

    Sad to be so, so, so close to perfection and ruin it with greed.

    1. lol So now branding your own product is greed? What?

      1. There’s plenty of space for branding without taking up screen real estate.

        Htc knows this or they wouldn’t have had the canned PR answer last year of, “well, there’s more going on internally than just bezels.”

        If that were an honest answer, they had a tear to respond to that criticism. They chose not to.

        And for what? For another place to put their logo? It’s already cut into aluminium on the backside. Who at htc thinks they need their logo in places that ruin the design.

        Id hate to praise apple, but let the design do the talking. Htc and their flagships are surely worthy of competing on design alone. Is the product actually improved by that front logo or is it just brand massaging and additional ad space forced on your supporters…id go do far as to say avid supporters if they are like me and have carried a thunderbolt, the M7, and an m8.

        1. It’s well known that the bezel with the HTC logo is covering internal hardware that needs to be there. Its not a “canned PR answer” Just because you think it’s BS doesn’t make it so. As for your entire post, i had to re-read it a few times because of all the misspellings and grammatical errors, so i think you’re not the best person to be interpreting what HTC does or does not have going on behind the logo.

          1. I didn’t say it was bs. I said they, likely with that answer at the ready, had anticipated the criticism AND had a year to address it.

            It appears as if they have chosen not to. You know, like how it took two years to address the ultra pixel criticism?

            Htc is an amazing hardware producer, but if you think these interesting decisions despite criticism has nothing to do with their woes over the last few years, you would be incorrect.

            Htc has produced near flawless phones over the last two generations but there’s always something that makes them glaringly weak. That isn’t my opinion, read every review on htc flagships.

            It’s tough to be a fan, and I am, when every year they come so close and drop the ball at the one yard line especially when you see the scrappy LG seeming to have a better pulse of the fan base.

          2. The ultrapixel camera was one of the best cameras i have ever used on any Android device. My wife regularly borrowed my phone to take important photos over her GS4. Now with the Nexus 6 I have a higher MP count but i feel like i lost something. The low light performance. If specs are true and the M9 is going to a standard camera for the rear facing and putting the ultrapixel on the FFC , then if i do purchase it id have to use the FFC for any important low light pictures. Not gonna work for me. That plus the fact its identical to the M8 is also disappointing.

  15. As an M7 owner, I can’t wait to get the M9! Practically everything is improved, and the M9’s design is better than the M8 in my opinion.
    For M8 owners, I wouldn’t see a reason to upgrade, but for M7 owners, this is great.

    1. Not for me, that useless HTC bezel at the bottom is a deal breaker. Keeping my M7 and buying something else. Yes, I like my M7 that much that I’m keeping it.

    2. I’m coming from (in a round about way) a OneMax and a m7. One was too big, the other a bit too small. This will be perfect.

  16. I wish HTC brought back the removable unibody design like the HTC Amaze and Sensation. Metal dings very easily and access to the battery is useful when reselling. I would jump on the M series asap!

  17. Judging by the amount of comments on here HTC seem to be doing something right :)

    I have the HTC OneX+ and have been waiting to get a new contract since August last year. Wanting build quality and functionality I saw no choice but to wait for the M9. From what I have seen I’m not disappointed. Yes they are using the form factor to establish the look as a brand. But after poor sales of what was rated the best smartphone 2014 it is understandable to hone their marketing and trade on the critical success of the M8.
    I am a tad concerned about overheating on the Snapdragon 810 chipset and feel HTC should address this on launch if it is not a factor.
    Also it would be nice for carriers to offer a bundle of smart watch and phone at a sensible price…if the smart watch rumours are indeed true.

  18. It’s awful! I’m using the m7, the m8 already looked the same, I’m not going to buy a new phone after two years which looks almost identical to my phone, already bored.. I saw the m8 everywhere which felt like I was using it.. I might go Sony route.. But I loved the rumors of front face ultra pixel

    1. The m7 and m8 are very different in design and especially specification and the camera on both the m7 and m8 were let’s be honest pretty crappy. M9 got some beastly specs smaller bezel and better camera which is exactly what was needed. Sony are great phones but design and front facing speakers doesn’t even come close!

      1. I love htc, I’ve been a user since the old days, there should be a bigger difference in terms of looks with the htc m8 and m9, you won’t feel like you’re using a new phone when it looks the same before .. Not to mention I think m7 and m8 look the same, same ugly black bezel

        1. M7 and M8 look nothing alike. You people are blind

    2. My thoughts exactly. I’ve got the m7 too. If anything they should have stuck to that design. But even then, lol. After 6 HTC handsets, I think it’s time to move on to Sony

      1. Exactly!

    3. I am also using an M7 and the battery life is terrible and the camera has the purple tint. Other than those two things I love the phone, so if they fix those two things alone I would want one. Trust me seeing the M8 isn’t using it as the battery life was WAY better. I am going to either go Sony Z4 or M9. Sony’s mobile unit is by Sony’s words on rocky ground so I am concerned about software and product support though.

      1. My phone had the purple tint and I replaced my phone 4 times on warranty to get a good one.. I still love it.. The thing is I didn’t like the soapy look of htc m8, I hope they change a bit

        1. I never liked the gun metal. I liked the silver. More 80’s retro industrial A/V equipment look to it, especially the speaker grill. But that’s just me. I said this in another post but if they would change the material to a metal material that’s more grippy and less prone to scratches and dents that would not need a case, but kept the same design language, I would prefer it over a complete redesign with the same material. Style vs function.

          1. Yes. I can’t hold my M8 without a case because it’ll slip out my hands. Though I love holding it when the weather is cold. It just jas this premium feel. I don’t know what it is about cold metal, but I love the feel of it.

        2. That purple tint thing was such a PITA… I swear 50% of their M7’s had it. But I did like the size and form factor of the 7 over the 8. I like the 8 as well… it looks like the 9 will be closer to the 8, but that’s not bad.

          1. From the renders it looked as if the M9 would be the size of the M7. That would be lovely.

          2. Yes it would – I’m hoping the exact same thing.

  19. Im hoping that the stupid IR blaster at the top is gone, I’ll buy it then

    1. Why would you want less features? You could always just not use it…

    2. It’s there and I use it all the time. The power button is on the side now which is a welcome change.

    3. pretty stupid request seeing as HTC has a pretty good IR blaster and great TV software to with it. They better not EVER remove it.

      1. Agreed. I don’t know where my TV remote is, but I don’t need to. It works great on all my TVs and Fios boxes. :) No need to buy a universal remote.

        1. LoL!! I actually know where. My TV Remote it because I don’t move it. =.P

      2. What I’m saying in my opinion it ruins the whole look of the phone

        1. Pretty stupid response because it doesn’t. You’re just not getting it huh?

    4. Oh HAIL no!! That thing has saved me SO much!!

  20. Not sure what to think of the little HTC bezel at the bottom. I have it on my m8 and it’s not a bother or problem but still would’ve thought they’d get rid of it.

  21. I will never buy an HTC device if that logo that takes up so much space below the screen is there. Get rid of it, no one really puts logos on the front of phones anymore unless it is integrate into the speaker, buttons, etc. Its a waste of space and is unnecessary.

    1. Idk if you know, but that bezel apparently holds hardware for the speaker.

      1. Then as much as I love HTC I feel it’s a bad design choice / compromise

    2. Takes up about the same amount of space as the LG logo on the G3.

    3. So it seems you fall into the boat of people that prefer as much screen and as little phone? I for one, just want a phone I can hold. I’m not asking for a 4 inch screen phone, but I look at the overall size of the phone. The M7 was just right. The M8 became too tall. If the M9 is similarly designed, but as tall as the M7, I’ll be fine with the bezel.

  22. Most of these boring comments about the branding sounds similar to that iPhone users keep sprouting. That being said having no bezel is a cool sounding idea but then follows the issue of pressing unwanted apps just by holding the phone.

    1. I do that now and I have all this extra bezzel. =.[

  23. This looks more similar to its predecessor than any flagship released by Samsung. Where’s the criticism? Bunch of hypocrites.

    1. The difference is that it’s a good phone design to begin with. Samsung’s are just ugly period.

      1. Yet many people on Android news sites refer to iPhone users as iSheep for buying the new model each year (which, barring the S versions, also look less similar to their predecessors than this). Is the iPhone ugly too? Bunch of hypocrites.

        1. You’re really stretching here.

          1. I’m trying to understand why HTC doesn’t seem to receive the same criticism as Samsung or Apple for using a similar design for their flagships. He said Samsung phones are ugly so I used Apple as another example. How am I stretching?

            Perhaps the answer is that people have an irrational dislike of Samsung and Apple because they are popular. Who knows…

          2. “Perhaps the answer is that people have an irrational dislike of Samsung and Apple because they are popular. Who knows…”

            ^^ This. I could go on about the illogical bias against Samsung and Apple on a lot of these news sites (that I love) – but the bottom line is there’s some sort of mentality shared by a lot of the enthusiasts that frequent these sites that you aren’t a true enthusiast unless you hate Samsung and Apple. I would argue that the hate for Samsung has become even “cooler” than hating Apple.

    2. What Alex said…

    3. Right here!! I’d prefer a different design. Though that square camera slot is a nice change of paace.

      What I didn’t like about the iPhone and the way it worked was the phone was literally the same phone. Down to the point where the same case would fit on both phones.

      At least add some variety, and not just in the internals. Which, I’d like to add, didn’t change much either. They just made it more difficult to work on.

  24. I bought the m7 for the ultra pixel which I loved, everyone asked me to take the pictures indoors and in parties because my phone beat all in terms of light sensitivity.. Well until iPhone 6 came.. That’s why the front ultra pixel would be cool

  25. The design of the M series is fantastic, why mess with it? Better camera, smaller bezels, updated internals, I call that a good iteration.

    1. I agree. I like the M8 more than the M7. Seemed more durable. I would like more color options tho.

      1. I feel the exact opposite. The body of my M7 is much more solid than my cousin’s new M8. I’m still not convinced the M8 is all metal.

        1. LoL!! I loved the design of the M7. Its what drove me from getting the S4. And I felt like nothing was going to sway my decisions.

  26. Anyone know what “generic case” is seen above. I don’t use cases, but when I did here and there I used ones with a stand leg and that one looks slick.

    EDIT: ShopNY CASE for M8

    1. m8 cases will fit, but cut outs on back wont match obviously.

  27. Why do OEMs have to put their logo on the front & the back?

    1. So that anyone who sees it knows who made the phone. It’s all about advertising.

  28. Why do they have to relocate the power button every year? Two years ago they placed it on the top left of the M7…last year they moved it to the top right of the M8…now rumors have it on the side? Not a deal breaker, but very annoying.

    1. I thought it was on side of m8? Didn’t realize this placement is new… interesting. I like it much better on the side

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