Google’s $19 million refund for unauthorized in-app purchases is in effect, emails being sent now


Sea Stars in app purchases

As part of a $19 million settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over unauthorized in-app purchases, Google is now sending out email notices to customers that may have been affected. Pretty much anyone who made an in-app purchase between March 1st, 2011 and November 18th, 2014 is eligible for refund and can request one after reviewing purchases made on their Google account.

“We understand some parents might have been charged for in-app purchases made by young children who did not have permission to make those purchases. As a result, we’ve added tools to help parents avoid unauthorized in-app purchases by their young children. We are also offering refunds in certain cases in line with our agreement with the FTC.”

You wont have to rush either. Customers have until December 2nd, 2015 to request refunds on any in-app purchases their kids made without their knowledge. Or you know, anything you regret paying for after a drunken evening on the couch.

Chris Chavez
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  1. So pocket change

    1. Still a lot of money.

  2. I wonder how they need proof a kid bought it? How many people willingly wasted money on apps I wonder are going to try to get refunds haha.

  3. There’s gonna be a lot of fraudulent requests for refunds(from people that don’t even have a child). I don’t think Google cares very much since any leftover money goes directly to the FTC but I can only imagine how many requests there are gonna be for this

    1. Raises hand. It’s the American way.

    2. If Google didn’t have a misleading and abusive inapp purchase policy none of this would have occurred. Google brought this on themselves besides 19mil is a slap on the wrist for this advertising and data mining company.

      1. Which part was misleading or abusive?

        The 30-minute window seemed more of a convenience than something that they thought would get abused by children of parents who can’t keep their own credit card locked down

        1. You are a moron, yes? Google was fined, go read the report, that’s if ur pea-brain can process more than 2 words at a time. #idiot

          1. Lol, I guess you’re not up for a legitimate debate about it then. Continue on with your insults, kid

          2. If the Fed ever cuts welfare spending you would starve to death, haha.

  4. I wanna get some “refunds” even I didn’t spend any =/

  5. I know I regret some of mine, but I’m still an adult & should’ve known better at the time.

    1. Don’t worry the FTC is here to baby you so take advantage.

  6. I got the email. All my purchases were made by me though.

  7. Google sent me one and I’m proud to say I only thought of taking advantage of it for a second. Google is one of the few massive corporations that seems to strive to better the world. They truly deserve the title Goodguy Google. -Brought to you by Google. But in all seriousness Google is awesome please don’t abuse this.

    1. “Don’t abuse this” you talking to consumers or Google? It was Google who has been fined for their misleading in-app purchase policy not us. #clueless

  8. After seeing the purchases, I’ve only completed around 20% of them myself. Glad to see this email! Hopefully everything will be straightened out soon!

  9. Cool… I actually came across an IAP that my daughter made last year that I forgot about. So gonna shoot for the $2.99 refund, see what happens.

  10. My son clicked on a $200 IAP in Gun Bros back in 2011. Needless to say I am ecstatic to get this back!

  11. I don’t blame anyone who is requesting refunds for any IAP they made themselves. If the money doesn’t go back to us, it goes to the Government. I’d rather it go to someone who is responsible with their money.

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