LG G3 Screen is official: 5.9-inch phablet with NUCLUN, LG’s in-house 8-core mobile processor


LG G3 Screen NUCLUN 2

Rumors of an LG-made processor have been floating around the net for years now. Straight out of left field, LG is now finally putting those rumors to rest by officially announcing their first ever processor for mobile devices: NUCLUN (pronounced “Noo-klun”).

The eight core SoC employs the power of ARM’s big.LITTLE technology to not only offer more power, but handle it more efficiently by taking advantage of four 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A15 cores, and four 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A7 cores . The A15s will handle the heavy loads, while the A7s will tackle less CPU intensive processing. It’s a feature we’ve seen for while now in rival Samsung’s Exynos SoC. LG’s processors also offer the added benefit of LTE-A Cat 6 for maximum download speeds of up to 225Mbs (and are still fully backward compatible with existing LTE networks).

LG G3 Screen NUCLUN 1

The new NUCLUN processor will officially make its debut inside an all new LG phablet dubbed the LG G3 Screen. The new phablet — made specifically for the Korean market — will come equipped with a 5.9-inch 1080p IPS display, 32GB internal storage (with micro SD card slot), 2GB RAM, 13MP OIS / 2.1MP cameras, 3,100mAh battery, and 1W speaker (like we saw on the LG G3). The G3 Screen will be available in both black and white when it launches at a later date, although LG wasn’t talking specifics just yet.

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  1. “LG’s in-house 8-core mobile processor”

    No thanks

    1. >Pre-judging
      Yeah no. You have literally no idea. Even if it turns out to be a little slower, you don’t just make assumptions.

      1. This thing could be a quantum processor that generates its own energy internally and doesn’t require a battery and will destroy all ISIS combatants every time you power it on, and I still wouldn’t buy a first generation LG “in-house” chip

          1. hahaha

  2. Based on the benchmarks they probably just went with an in house SOC to cut costs.

  3. Bring on the G4 already (with SAMOLED instead of IPS)

    1. And 1080p resolution. QHD is all nice and fancy, but such overkill for a screen this size.

      1. But I do “notice” difference on a G3 vs. OnePlus….. not saying OnePlus has a bad screen or anything, but QHD does stand out ;)

        1. agreed

        2. If you’re pushing your face far closer than you normally would then I guess it might.

          1. I’m not going to lie, I’ve used my phone with my face when my hands were greasy from food.

  4. I may be missing it but I’m not seeing if it is 32 bit or 64 bit. My bet is 32 and already on the downhill slope of phone tech. It doesn’t really matter now but it will matter and it seems like a waste of time to build a 32 bit processor at this point.

    1. Cortex A15 and A7 are 32-bit.

      Not sure about the point of 64-bit mobile processing myself.

      1. I don’t really think that 64 makes sense for mobile either but like it or not it is the battle ground.

        1. This is true.

  5. ffs… give me a normal-sized device or give me death! Looks like I’ll be toting this N5 for awhile. #firstworldproblems

    1. If the LG G3 was about $500 off-contract I would have bought it last week instead of the Nexus 5. I felt the time had come to replace my 2-1/2-year-old S3.

  6. comparing from the G3 – 100mAh more battery, but a bigger screen and drop qHD. The SOC may be too much of a factor, but maybe this can give an idea if the qHD was overkill and the cause of the poorer-than-expected battery life of the G3.

    1. poorer than expected on the G3? Did you mean on the beloved Nexus 5, because the G3 battery life is pretty damn good.

      1. Didn’t use the N5. But I get just slightly better than the S3 I upgraded from and that was a +50% battery size.
        Pulling 8.5h active but only 3h screen on isn’t spectacular to me.
        Still stands though, seeing the comparison w/o pushing the screen denisty will be interesting.

    2. It’s QHD not qHD QHD is 2560×1440 qHD is 960×540. Not trying to be rude just don’t want people to get confused.

  7. well in one way or another lg needed to copy samsung and have its own SoC, hopefully they do better and release the code drivers and everything otherwise this its just another waste of time

  8. Fully neutered version sure to follow at a US carrier near you!

    1. Now only available on Verizon. Ffffuuuuuu…

  9. Phandroid- I clicked an ad by mistake on this article on the Phandroid app, and it took me to a scam webpage that kept redirecting to a phishing site saying a virus has been found, android device is now infected. You should screen your advertisers better.

  10. Seems like a galaxy mega competitor, and a first gen test of their inhouse processor

  11. So the G3 “Screen” has a lower resolution display than the standard version.
    Ok LG, that makes sense.

  12. So basically it’s a like Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa but with worse specs.


  13. Next they bring webOS to their phones?

    Its like Exynos and Tizen.

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