The Nexus 5 is now back in stock on Google Play (all colors, 32GB only for now)


Nexus 5 Google Play listing

As we approach the 1-year anniversary of the Nexus 5 officially launching in the Play Store, a few days ago the phone — all colors, all storage configs — was suddenly no longer available for purchase on Google Play. This was puzzling, especially after we thought the phone would stick around as a much smaller, much cheaper unlocked option for those of us that couldn’t stomach the Nexus 6.

Some point this evening, the 32GB model — all colors — has once again become available for purchase in the Play Store, showing shipping times of about 1-2 days before leaving the warehouse. Although we’re not seeing the 16GB model, we’ve heard reports that others have seen it, so we’ll keep an eye out. In the meantime if you were thinking about pulling the trigger on a Nexus 5 (it’s still a damn good Android phone), now’s your chance.

Nexus 5 on Google Play

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  1. I think for its second year 64gb only at $349 makes more sense

    1. Or the 32GB for <$300.

      1. Has anybody heard of making a profit?

        1. “GAAP operating income in the third quarter of 2014 was $3.72 billion”
          I think they’re doing just fine…

        2. Flash memory is cheap nowadays. Frankly there is no excuse whatsoever for there to be a $50 difference between the 16GB and 32GB models. At the current prices, if they’re making even a tiny profit on the 16GB model, then they are making a much larger profit on the 32GB.

          1. At least it’s coming down. The industry used to charge $100 more for going from 16GB to 32, then another 100 for going from 32GB to 64GB. Apple did this or am I just too tired to remember.

      2. Maybe one day UNICEF will get into the cell phone business… but until then, Google is the people to see.

        I tell you what I could do. I could sell you a 32GB Nexus for <$300 bucks, but… it won't be no Nexus 5

    2. Google is not a charity org

  2. I am so disappointed with google. I don’t know what to do. I want cheap phone with google support but not too big and not too old. Never thought it will come to this but i really don’t know which phone should i buy or should i buy at all.

    1. For now the only option is the N5, so jump on it now in case something happens. Just look at the N4, it’s still being updated. Otherwise you’ll be waiting a year and there’s no guarantee there’ll be a small form factor.
      I sometimes want to give my dad my OPO and take back my old N5.

      1. I am so regretting for not buying it last year. The problem with buying the nexus 5 now that if i want to sell it next year its value will drop even more but i will pay the same price that everyone did last year.

      2. I’d wait a few weeks to see if Google offers a refreshed N5 with better specs, before buying one…never know, 805 chipset, bigger battery, more RAM. I’d sell my N5 for that. Although, I’m grabbing the the N6 when it’s available to Canada.

    2. OnePlus One, mate. I fully understand your problem and this is my solution. : )

      1. OnePlus One is huge device though i have never hold it in my hands but it suppose to be almost the same size as iphone 6 plus.

      2. Too bad it won’t support CDMA

    3. At first i was not pleased cuz of the huge size or was hoping we will also get a smaller 5.2″ screen Nexus with same specs. But then again Google improved on mostly every other aspect we were asking for on a new Nexus phone….bigger 3220mAh battery hope it can last 15+ hrs of active use, 13MP back cam, latest chip QSD 805, QHD screen even tho 1080P would’ve been ok for many of us, fast turbo charging etc.
      The only two issues many can complain abt….huge Phablet size and the price which is almost double what many are used to paying for a Nexus phone.

      That said…i will most likely get it cuz i can’t see myself missing out on two Nexus devices in a row after skipping the N5 due to the small battery. It will be a challenge dealing with the huge size.
      The only device that might change that is the rumored Moto X Play with that huge 3900mAh battery and manageable 5.2″ screen…i hope it is also announced n released in November so we can really compare both devices. We shall see…

      1. You wont be seeing a 5.2″ phone with a 3900mAh battery from them, so save your breath. That phone would be a half inch thick.

        1. If they can do it with the droid turbo, they can do it with the moto x.

          1. I wonder how much of the Droid Turbo’s downright hideousness is a direct result of cramming that much battery in?

          2. Well it definitely isnt the most elegant phone on the block, no argument there.

            Still, a battery the same size as an n7 should make it a beast nonetheless.

          3. Absolutely. A face only a mother could love, but it should deliver in “form follows function.”

        2. I’d buy a half inch thick phone if it had a 3900mAh battery in a heartbeat.

        3. The 5.2 inch Nexus 6 already exists now. It’s called the Moto X2.

      2. I know what you are talking about. i too skipped on nexus 5 but the nexus 6 is too big to get use too.

      3. Dude my nexus 5 battery last all day compared to iphone5s that dies mid day

        1. My Nexus 5 would be dead by lunchtime because I am in a low signal aresa even with Wi-Fi enabled. Now with Lollipop I have over 60% left at 7:00PM. This is with it coming off the charger around 8:00AM. And Battery saver mode is great when you are low on juice and need your phone working.

      4. Can you likes to spellz well? Do you even grammar?

        1. Lol….you barely wrote one sentence. Talk about bad grammar or wrong spelling.

          “Can you likes to Spellz well?? Do you even grammar?”

          See normally it is not my style or place to correct people on their grammar on these sites. If I understand what they are trying to say….that’s fine with me. Unless they get a fact or spec wrong…in such a case occasionally I may correct it in a nice way. I don’t try to claim some mastery of the English language..something I guess so many on these sites should live by.

          1. Why is it that I’m the one who gets accused of not getting sarcasm when there are oblivious people like you out there? I was making fun of and pointing out your terrible spelling by using this thing called “lolspeak”.

            Learn to spell “because”, “though” and “about” before you start questioning my spelling and grammar. And before you say it you’re only being a grammar nazi if people aren’t screwing up that badly. You are screwing up basic words. Ergo, I am not being a grammar nazi.

    4. I am so pleased with Google. I want a good Note-size phone with Google support. Never thought I’d finally see it. I know I’ll be buying.

    5. get a moto G

    6. I am looking at Moto X

  3. It’d be funny if a few units ship out with Lollipop on them.

    1. Funny? no, that would be pretty cool actually. And it would make sense as well.

      1. I think anyone buying a Nexus prefers vanilla Android, not sense. See what happened there :)

        1. I prefer Cyanogenmod. Stock Android is bland as all hell with far fewer customisation options for the nav bar, notification drawer tiles etc. Plus being left-handed and wanting my recent apps button on the left side where I want it means I have to root at the very least and use Xposed. I decided to root and stick with CM.

          1. I’m guessing you aren’t running the Lollipop developer preview 2. It’s night and day different. I love the pin locking feature. It allows you to pin an app that they can’t get out of without a certain key press and you are supposed to go even further and require your pin to get out of it. And setting up a guest account for when people ask to use your phone is awesome.

        2. haha, everyones a comedian

  4. Would be nice to get a refreshed Nexus 5, for those that want a phone not a tablet.

    1. And bring it to Verizon

      1. Exactly. My company uses Verizon account so I’m stuck with them. (I don’t waste money on a personal phone too.)

      2. Does the Nexus 5 support Verizon’s LTE band? They are moving to VoLTE soon and their 700mhz bands are required to be unlocked. (That’s what Google, who was also bidding) wanted and the government agreed with them when it was auctioned off)

        1. As far as I know the nexus 5 was compatible with Verizon’s network when it launched Verizon just didn’t recognize it as one of their registered network devices. I think it should work.

          1. You are right because I have seen people put their Verizon LTE SIM into a Nexus 7 LTE and it worked fine.

  5. N5 is still a good phone for the price, although I’m glad I bought mine last year because I’d feel I was getting gouged if I bought at full price now.

    1. Seriously, me too. It’s selling used in my area for $150-200 on local ads.

      1. $150-200? That’s pretty good…been seeing them go used on eBay for $250-300 and sometimes over $300.

      2. N4 or stolen N5s. Price for used N5 is around 250.
        Hell I got 200 for my N4 a year ago.

        1. Nope, I bought one for a friend a couple months ago for $200 at the time fully functional, and not lick of a problem with it being used since then. I’m not saying that there aren’t deceivers, but I’ve felt my sellers/purchases out haven’t been bitten yet.

        2. Only in America would someone steal and sell a Nexus 5.

  6. i’m gonna wait until some carrier stores get the nexus 6 on display so i can check it out i’m not really worried about the size i think for me a led notification is important i have a moto x as a second phone and i’m not all that crazy about active display i like the multi color led. just gotta wait until it comes out definitely not preordering the N6. probably should have not sold my N5 to begin with lol

    1. My holdback is the price point. It is just pretty insane especially when looking for best value. I am sure there are phones/will be phones in the 400-500range which will offer a nice upgrade from the N5 and will be fine for most people.

      1. if I buy the Nexus 6 it won’t be full price I have family on different carriers and if the phone can be used on any carrier then I’ll get it like that through an upgrade so price really isn’t an issue but if I can’t or if I’m not crazy about the phone I’ll just get the Nexus 5 again unless my GPE converted M8 gets the update before the phone is even available.

  7. I wonder if next year they will sell the N6 but at the N5 price. Hardware is so good these days that I wouldn’t mind. Then I could at least still buy a decent, Google-supported phone for a reasonable off-contract price and fulfill my dreams of being contract-free.

    1. Sadly, I’m thinking no. Assuming the N5 prices were so low due in part to some subsidization on Google’s part, the N6 price, i believe, is a signal that the subsidies are gone.

      1. yea i think google is going to shift in wearables , project ara and auto because who doesnt want ads in our dash boards

        1. Auto doesn’t allow ads I thought? Only audio ads I think

          1. That’s the way I understood it.

  8. Only white in the 32GB configuration is available for Canada, so far.

  9. Black 32GB just became available for Canada on Play Store.

    1. Got me a Nexus 5 last week after the news about the price and size broke. I’m afraid my finances were not such that I thought I thought it would be okay to buy the 6 outright so I bought the 5 outright instead.

      1. Congratulations on buying an awesome device….I love my N5 but anxiously awaiting release of the N6.

  10. N5 is a great device even for $349 and $399. I guess with N6 coming out in less than a week people are expecting some kind of discount to pull the trigger. I hope they discount is some but I wouldn’t count on it. If they did I would buy a couple for the heck of it.

    1. 1 year is time for a pricedrop .Yes N5 is really nice but it is still over 1 year old tech.

      1. The old price was subsidized. A price drop from its normal price would probably be pretty close to last year’s price.

  11. Is there any chance I will be able to get the Nexus 5 with taking advantage of my upgrade eligibility with Sprint? You can’t utilize that on the Google Play store. You can only do that through Best Buy. Anyone have any insight about an upgrade?

  12. Only red and black 16 in the UK. Cheaper to get it from carphone warehouse anyway.

    1. Pretty sure I don’t want a carphone. You can’t even use those outside of your car.

  13. How about cutting $50 from each model?

  14. for a phone that’s a year old, google should drop the price to $299 with 32GB.

    1. They will probably get rid of the 16GB model, and drop the 32GB model by 49 dollars. Still a great phone.

    2. I think they should also update the soc to the 801, it’s essentially the same as the 800 especially if you get the ab variant but it has decent upgrades across the board and the improved ISP would help out the nexus 5’s weak camera. Not to mention the fact that it wouldn’t cost Google much at all to update considering 800’s and 801’s are almost identical in production costs.

      1. Agreed, basically a refreshed Nexus 5 is all I wanted to go with the Android 5.0 but got nothing. No interest in a device as absurdly big as the Nexus 6.

  15. Why is there not a 64GB version? I have 24GB of music, can only fit 16 with my Moto X, and Google expects me to synchronize with their library.

    1. I would get a 64gb n5 indeed

  16. My 16GB/black just shipped. I ordered it last night. Pure luck, I guess.

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