The LG G Watch just dropped to $180 on Google Play (that’s $170 less than the Apple Watch)


LG G Watch deal Google Play

Just as Apple announced pricing for their upcoming Apple Watch ($350), the LG G Watch suddenly dropped $50 on the Google Play Store. In what can only be described as perfect timing, you can now pick up the LG G Watch for $180 for a limited time — that’s nearly half of what Apple is asking for their smartwatch launching early next year.

While it’s true the LG G Watch may not have the looks rival devices like the Moto 360 (or Apple Watch), it definitely offers better performance and battery life. Those are just 2 areas you may find much more important that looking flossy. So, for those looking to streamline their connected lives a little better (without over complicating things), you can grab the LG G Watch on Google Play via the link below.

Buy on Google Play: LG G Watch

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  1. Doesn’t have the looks of the iWatch? Did you watch the same keynote that I saw pics from? I own a 360 but the G watch looks like a BMW M5 to Apple’s dorky looking Fiat 500 they just released.

    1. LMAO so true. I was expecting something that would compete with the Moto 360. IWatch is no where near the Android wear designs.

    2. Still on the fence for that one…G watch or 360…any tips?? I thought the G Watch is going to be round too.

      1. Yeah, wait for the Asus Zen.

        1. Have not checked, Googling now…eh. Square watches was so 90’s. I believe round is right at this stage of life.

      2. What do you value? If looks are important, Moto 360. If you want buttery smooth UI and ample battery life, LG G Watch (360 battery life isn’t terrible, just less).

        1. I heard that LG was releasing a round watch too, and ‘lookswise’ the 360 is beautiful, but that small black bar on the bottom…is it permanent?

          1. Yeah, that’s where the ambient light sensor is. Black bar ain’t going nowhere (at least not until the Moto 360 2)

          2. Thanks! I’ll take a black bar over bezels anyday!

          3. Yes, the round LG G watch is called G Watch R.

          4. Round LG is LG G Watch R

    3. I have to disagree. I think they came out with a pretty classy design. The G watch just looks big and clunky in comparison. I’d really like to see the iWatch side-by-side with the Zen, though.

      EDIT: Eh, now that I see the iWatch on wrists, I’m much less impressed: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/09/first-look-hands-on-with-the-all-new-apple-watch

      1. Seriously? It looks like
        1) the original iPhone that got left in the dryer for too long
        2) Something you can get out of a gumball machine.

    4. i dont think the iwatch looks as good as any of the round watches, but i think it looks as good or better than the other square ones. I was just never a fan of square watches.

    5. You’re being generous with the iWatch. I think the ASUS Zenwatch looks better. I was thinking the Apple look reminds me of a cash for clunker car.

  2. Been that price on BestBuy online for 2 weeks now.

  3. That would be a decent price. Unfortunately, it’s still $249 in Canada.

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