Leaked: Sony’s E-mount compatible APS-C sized lens camera for Android devices


Sony QX1 featured

After Sony’s IFA invite hinted as much, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to find the manufacturer has been hard at work on an all new lens camera. Last year’s models — the QX10 and QX100 — were met with relatively fair reviews, but it seems Sony could be changing things up for this year.

The folks at Sony Alpha Rumors nabbed the leak showing press renders for the all new Sony QX1, an attachable APS-C sensor for mobile devices. Unlike last year’s models which were essentially an entire camera squeezed inside a lens-style body, the QX1 ditches the lens completely and accepts the same Sony E-mount lenses as the Sony a500, a600, and NEX 5T or other NEX interchangeable lens cameras. This opens up a new world of possibilities when shooting from your mobile device.


The real question on everyone’s mind is how much Sony was able to cut on costs by essentially stripping away one of the more expensive components in digital cameras: their display. According to sources, the Sony QX1 will retail for around $400 body-only, or $650 with a 16-50mm lens. Of course, for those who’ve already invested in Sony’s mirrorless cameras (that’s really who Sony is targeting here) all those lenses will work just fine on the QX1.

Sony QX1 back

Tomorrow is Sony’s IFA event in Berlin, where we’re sure to learn more about the Sony QX1 and more. Stay tuned.

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  1. Lovely. My friends want to start a Youtube series and we need to get a camera. I’m wondering if people would use these for video recording. Also, I’m assuming these are for any devices and not just Sony. Though one of my friends has the Z2, just in case.

    1. I doubt this anywhere near the best option for a video solution. If you want good quality video you need to consider the sound recording side and built in mic’s on most camera’s are pretty poor. The best choice really depends on what you will mostly be filming. This device is more of a fun toy that allows you to make your phone take much better snaps but it doesn’t hold up to a dedicated camera on quality, ease of use or value for money imho.

      1. That’s one thing that’s always crossed my mind. The sound recording. I think we need to look into that more before we actually by a camera. I’ll bring this to their attention. Thanks for the heads up. We’re so intent on making sure the video quality is good, we didn’t even think about that. Haha!!

  2. If they find a way to speed up initial start time from camera off to 1st snap, I’d love it. If it’s still NFC, wi-fi, this thing is more hassle than it’s worth.

  3. So what does this thing do? What’s the benefit of having one?

    1. Taking high quality pictures.

      1. Ok..I get that…but is it worth carrying extra components around? Why not just come out with a Sony Xperia Camera ? Like the GS5 Zoom…

        1. WIth this, you can actually have a full-fledged phone while having the lenses stored away. I think it’s worth carrying around the extra components, since some people carry DSLR’s and other camera around anyways for trips/social events.

          The S5 Zoom is pretty chunky in itself, and I wouldn’t want to carry that thing around as my phone.

        2. Its called Galaxy K Zoom

        3. The best camera is the one you have, truest quote in regards to photography. With this being more portable this thing can be sneaky a lot of events don’t like the huge dslrs floating around especially at nba games getting high quality shots when they want to control profit. As well this method provides an option for using your phone without looking like a nutjob holding a camera to the to their head.

  4. lol i thought the battery said motorola on it lolol

  5. Any idea what sensor or image processor this uses?

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