HTC Desire 610 now available on AT&T for $200 straight up


We recently featured an article on smartphone theft and often times when your smartphone is lost of stolen, you gotta consider a cheap replacement. For Android users on a budget, there aren’t too many choices when it comes to finding a nicely equipped sub $200 Android phone.

More times than not, you’ll find yourself stuck with a phone with little to no software support and bottom of the barrel spec sheet. But starting today, you can pick up the all new HTC Desire 610 from AT&T, a phone designed to give you the most bang for your buck. The Desire 610 is being offered off-contract for a more than reasonable $200 straight up, or a measly $8 a month with AT&T Next (18 month).

The HTC Desire 610 is very much like a tiny version of the HTC Desire 816 we took a look at back during Mobile World Congress. You’ll find the same polycarbonate body (shiny back, matte front) as well as HTC’s trademark front facing stereo speakers complete with built-in amp. Here is the full spec sheet for those interested:

HTC Desire 610

  • 4.7-inch 854×480 SLCD display
  • 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 8MP / 1.3MP cameras
  • 8GB internal storage with support for micro SD cards
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2,040mAh battery
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6

You can pick up the HTC Desire 610 either online or in-store from AT&T where, as we mentioned before, it’ll only run you $200. The phone is even available under AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid service, making it one of the better devices to choose from. Unfortunately, the AT&T model doesn’t have access to wide range of colors offered in other regions, with “Dark Grey” being the only option. Hit up the links below to see the phone for yourself.

HTC Desire 610 on AT&T

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  • Marc Perrusquia

    The desire 610 actually has a qhd screen, not a wvga.

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s neither. It’s actually a “FWVGA” display (exactly what is listed in the device’s specs).

      EDIT: Oh, I get what you’re saying. The international model has a qHD display. Guess they cut some corners for the US model.

      • Marc Perrusquia

        It’s resolution is 960×540 which is qhd.

        • Chris Chavez

          That’s the international model, the US model is different apparently.

          • Marc Perrusquia

            Didn’t know about that interesting how North American phones tend to get the short end of the stick, keep up the great work Chris.

          • Chris Chavez

            Thanks, man!

  • Riley Biers

    720p should be the minimum for screens 4+ inches.

    • Chris Chavez

      I agree. 720p would have made this phone really stand out, especially when it’s closest rival — the Moto G — is offering that for a slightly cheaper price.

    • droidpr

      My son’s 10 yr birthday is this week and i was between this phone at $200 or HTC First(disabling Facebook Home) i chose HTC First because i got it for $129.99 and mainly because of its 720p display, 4.3 is good for him. Not to mention is actually pure ANDROID, so like you said 4+ should be minimum 720p. I know spec whise, its 1.4 dual core, and 5mp camera, but since what he does most is watch youtube videos, the 720p wwas the selling point here! Not to mention LTE. The only thing that stopped me from getting the Moto G for him, was that Htc First is LTE.

      PS: i actually think the HTC First is underrated, comparing specs on Moto G, Desire and and this, and of course, PRICE!

      • landmarkcm

        You can see my lengthy review at Amazon for the 610 It is pretty bad! So your not missing anything. Really the only good thing overall was the sound. I’m not sure how the first is.. I am presuming you like it.. But I am sticking with Moto for Android, Just bought the X on sale for only 299. I’m sure you know the G comes in an LTE variant as well… Also the HSPA+ on the first G (at least for me) was fast enough. But the price you paid for the First is good! :) I now also like having LTE though too for the extra boost when off wifi. I am just not really digging HTC anymore since trying the 610 (expecting it to be good for the price) & sending it back after one day haha.

        • droidpr

          I was thinking that HSPA+ was going yo be OK for him (10yrs) ..and did consider Moto G. But the 129.99 was too good to pass by. And yes Moto G comes LTE capable but with 8Gb instead of 16 and at 219. That’s about $100 more than what I paid for the First. So far , kid is loving it. …Can you provide the link to your full 610 review?

          • landmarkcm

            Hi there. Yes here you go :) I had to edit it as unfortunately I have now had two Moto X’s that even with all the latest software updates which were supposed to fix the problems with it’s inconsistent camera have not! And I prob will just stick with the Moto G LTE. Using Windowsphone right now. It’s always something with these devices! lol. LOL well last Update: Since Amazon is awesome and yesterday took 150.00 off the price of my Moto X due to another issue and I have found some apps to make the exposure better on the camera is the only reason I’ll keep it. Strange though how these company’s though just can’t seem to get everything right all the way around consistent across devices… Only in a perfect world I guess lol. Like this HTC 610, They used to be known for their good cameras and the one on it is just no helping really. Even with an app.

  • NardVa

    Does the phone support all T-Mobile bands?

  • alex

    This phone is priced to move. It’s the cheapest option available in an at&t store for a next agreement. Corporate locations don’t sell the Moto G so most regular customers don’t know it’s an option.