HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch dubbed ‘One Wear’ said to launch in August or September [Rumor]



Back in October 2013, HTC’s Peter Chou mentioned the company’s view on wearables, indicating that the wearable market was important and that HTC wanted to enter the space when the timing was right. Then, just a few months ago in February, HTC’s Cher Wang spoke on the company’s stance on wearables again, stating that HTC would be getting into the wearable market before the end of the year.

According to a new report from TK Tech News, HTC plans on joining the smartwatch game with Android Wear coming in August or September of this year. Tentatively called HTC One Wear, sources close to the matter have reported that HTC’s smartwatch is set to rival the Moto 360 with a round design and be available in both polycarbonate and metal flavors.

If HTC’s track record of design and build quality with their One line of smartphones has taught us anything, the One Wear smartwatch should complete their goal of rivaling the Moto 360 on the design front.

Anyone interested in an HTC One Wear?

Source: TK Tech News

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  1. Expect a 2 inch screen with 1 inch bezel

      1. Somebody pleeeeeeze do a mock-up & post here……

    1. With dual front facing speakers, just because.

    2. Bet its gonna make the M***360 look like shite.

  2. I’ll take a fitness tracker from you HTC. Give me that

  3. As long as it doesn’t have that square design.

  4. Not really.

  5. If it looks as professional as the moto360 then maybe, just maybe I will get one but as of right now the moto360 as where its at for me.

    1. Cant feel like an adult while wearing something with the name “moto”.

  6. Cautiously interested. Htc can’t handle too many projects at once

  7. It’s a maybe for me, just have to wait and c how it is.

  8. id prefer a square design just because most of the content i consume isnt in a circular format and i like to look like a nerd

    1. id prefer the circular so it looks like an actual watch

  9. This is the ONE im waiting for. Pun intended, lol.

  10. I’m ok with a square watch, is this wrong?

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