Is this the front panel of the Moto X+1?

moto x plus 1 leak

We’re supposed to be seeing Motorola’s flagship for 2014 at some point this summer, but aside from a name we haven’t had much to go on. We may have just gotten our first peek of what to expect, though, as the device’s front panel has leaked online.

The leak naturally tells us very little about the phone except for the fact that it’ll have a display, light and proximity sensors, a speaker, a microphone and a front-facing camera. And while this photo alone can’t possibly give us a hint at its size, it looks like it could clock in at a slightly bigger size than the 4.7-inch Moto X.

The casing in the photo seems to have some golden hue cast on it, though we can’t be too sure if that’s a stock color option Motorola is going with or if that’s just the product of shoddy camera work. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter much because we’re sure they’re going to give us all the options we need to craft the exact phone we want through Moto Maker.

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  • irishrally

    X+1″ = 5.7″ screen. Heads explode.

  • phinn

    The one thing they didn’t need to do is make the phone bigger…

    • Durin123

      Not 5.7″, that’s for sure. I can barely fit my S3 in my pocket sometimes.

      • Sean Royce

        Seriously? I have an Xperia Z2 and it fits in my pocket with room to spare. How small are your pants?

        • Durin123

          The very durable case I use probably makes my S3 a fair amount thicker than your Xperia. I’m far from the only person who would have trouble fitting a mobile cellular device that’s 6″ long in my pocket without part of it sticking out of my pocket or worrying that it’ll fall out while still using a good case.

          • Sean Royce

            Hmm, I have a case on my phone, it adds a bit of thickness to it and it’s still fine.

      • HitokiriX

        Unless you’re wearing daisy dukes… that’s highly improbable.

  • domatau

    Cap it at 5″ with thin bezel!

    • Brandon

      That’s one of the few things I didn’t like about it, it was a downgrade in size from my S4, it felt too small. The other thing that killed it for me was the poor screen compared to the beauty of Samsung’s screens. Say what you want about their business but they make absolutely gorgeous displays.

      • Medion

        Samsung made the display in the Moto X. It was a downsized version of the Note II display. Same general quality, smaller size and therefore higher DPI, but the calibration was up to Motorola.

  • Tony Lai

    Now if this is at the same price or cheaper than the OnePlus, we have a winner.

    • Sean Royce

      It won’t be though.

  • LiterofCola

    5.2″ = Awesomeness

  • Ryan O’Neill

    How does this photo tell you anything about size? These articles keep saying that “it looks like it’s going to be bigger than the Moto X”, but I’m not seeing any evidence for that at all.

  • Nathan Bryant

    The left side bezel doesn’t match the right side.

  • steveb944

    Hey potential new phone in my pocket! Hope it’s a available in different colors.

  • Phaz0n

    Will the Moto Maker still be around since they are closing down their Texas facility?