Microsoft’s upcomig smartwatch rumored to play nice with Android and iOS devices

Microsoft Smartwatch patent

Pioneered by wearables like the Pebble, 2014 is looking to be the biggest year for smartwatches yet. We’ve already seen exactly how LG and Motorola are planning on tackling the market, ushering in Android Wear, Google’s latest OS built specifically with wearables in mind.

When it comes to rival OSs, we’ve heard talk (just about every year now) that Apple too is planning to jump into the ring, joined by the likes of Microsoft with a smartwatch of their own. But where previous leaks gave us a peek at what Microsoft has in mind in terms of hardware (see above patent image), it seems the house that Bill Gates built might have a killer feature most other smartwatches don’t: cross platform compatibility.

This exclusive report was brought to us by Forbes who also mentions Microsoft’s smartwatch — which will leverage tech from their Xbox Kinect division — will last a full 2-days without needing to recharge. We just found it most interesting given OEMs like Samsung, who have already failed once during their first foray into smartwatches, actually had the gall the release smartwatches exclusive to their specific line of smartphones.

We could be getting a taste of a new Microsoft, one already seeing influence from their hip CEO, Satya Nadella. During an interview at the Code Conference, Nadella mentioned Microsoft was looking ahead at life after smartphones, rather than trying to play catch up. We’re not so sure smartwatches are the answer, but offering cross-platform compatibility could be a step in a the right direction.

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  • scoter man1

    They must’ve finally figure out that their anti google ads weren’t helping them out.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Since when has Google helped MS?

      • androidscales

        When has ms helped google oh wait the scroogle ads then suing oem’s for patents is just a leech

  • androidscales

    What windoze watchez that reboots and crashes

    • mcl630

      What time is it?
      I don’t know, my watch BSOD’ed.

    • spicymeatball

      Have you tried turning it off and on?

  • steveb944

    It’ll be easier to resell with that cross platform. The most important thing is with early entry it should help to bring smart watch prices down.

  • NexusMan

    If they want to sell any, they HAVE to make it cross platform.

    • spicymeatball

      I was thinking they were being more Googley, but I think your right, they have to do this if they want to make any kind of sales.

  • lolwut

    Nice! They are making some great hardware with Surface Pro and Windows Phone is coming along nicely. I’ll be excited to see how this shapes up! Microsoft has HUGE R&D budge

  • Jay

    Microsoft is quietly becoming the new Android. Just wait & see.

  • Guest

    Any sign they aren’t acting like Apple is a good sign. Their history haunts them I’m sure, but they are far closer to acting like Google than Apple is and that is a good thing.