HTC M8 Ace is official, features plastic body with a 13MP camera


HTC M8 Ace hero

We’ve seen/heard enough about the HTC M8 Ace to know it was a real thing. Said to be a lower cost version of the HTC One M8, the HTC M8 Ace has finally been made official in China. The phone popped up on HTC’s Chinese site ahead of its formal June 3rd release, but it finally gives us a better idea of what to expect when it launches.

HTC M8 Ace boomsound

Just about everything about the phone has been revealed, down to its Snapdragon 801 processor, 13MP camera, 5MP front facing camera, stereo front facing BoomSound speakers, and compatibility with China Mobile’s 4G LTE network. While we appreciate the benefits of the Duo Camera system on the One M8 (along with the UltraPixel sensor), there’s no question stripping away some of these hardware features will help HTC tackle a more affordable price point, while still offering a competitive high-end device. HTC has also forfeited the IR blaster and aluminum construction of the One M8 for something a little more wallet friendly (read: plastic).

While HTC still isn’t talking pricing on this handset, we mentioned before it’s essentially a lite version of the HTC One M8. For some, it might even be a better option for those that don’t care much about universal remote functionality or premium materials. We don’t expect to see this land stateside anytime soon, but we’ll keep you posted.

[HTC (China) | via Engadget]

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  1. This in a Google Play Edition might bring me back to HTC

  2. This probably won’t make it stateside, at least until after M8 sales slow down. HTC would otherwise risk cannibalizing sales of the flagship, which no doubt have a higher profit margin.

  3. Should come to Verizon with wireless charging and 3 GB of RAM LOL

    1. Wireless charging would be nice, since the plastic construction wouldn’t hinder it, as w/the M8.

  4. GPe, @$400…..sold!

    1. $400…even better! I wonder if they could get their BOM under $400 and still make a profit on this phone.

  5. Make this a Google Play Edition for $500 and I’ll bite. In. A. Heart. Beat. If they do make this a GPe that would not cannibalize sales of the M8. Your average joe is not buying his phones through the Google Play store.

  6. Please please PLEASE come to the West and be affordable. If so, you’ll be MINE.

  7. This will be the device to replace my Desktop.

    1. Word. I’m thinking of getting an SUV to replace my House.

      1. Last month I replaced my girlfriend with an orangutan and couldn’t be happier.

  8. I’ll keep my M8

  9. Anyone know the dimensions?

  10. I’d buy it just because red is my favorite color. Still think it’s ugly as fvck with those massive bezels.

  11. Now all of a sudden plastic is cool? Must be the boom sound. Or maybe because its not Samsung.

  12. A beautiful device, but HTC is really shooting themselves in the leg if this device isn’t released worldwide. It’s more of a desperate attempt to woo mainland Chinese customers because HTC is one of the least popular brands there. Also a bummer there’s no IR blaster – the Butterfly s had one why not this?

    It’s very similar to the HTC Butterfly series BUT there are rumours that HTC will release a new Butterfly in Japan and possibly Taiwan, which will have a larger screen.

    The problem I have with HTC is their support for these “superior” models compared to the flagship M8 or M7 last year. The Butterfly s was released later and in many ways superior to the M7, but it always got its updates later than the M7.

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