Grab the official Watch Dogs ctOS companion app for Android today!


Watch Dogs launches today for all major previous gen and current gen platforms except the Wii U, so we’re sure many of you are scrambling to find the ctOS companion app that Ubisoft has been talking about as of late. It’s already available for Android and sitting in the Google Play Store waiting for your hacking expertise.

watch dogs app

The ctOS Mobile Companion App is meant to be your real-life version of a mobile ctOS workstation (ctOS being a central operating system that all of fictional Chicago’s technology is hooked into for the purposes of better living and improved policing and security). You use the app as a Chicago ctOS operative, which puts the controls of the Chicago Police and the city in your hand.

So what will this app let you do? It lets you connect to Watch Dogs players’ games and put an end to their criminal mischief. You do this by dispatching police units to chase the player down, and manipulate things like street lights, road blocks, steam pipes and gates to try and slow them down.

The streets of the city become your ultimate battleground where your goal is to stop players and maintain order. Challenge and shut down other players with every tool available.

The more challenges and takedowns you achieve, the more experience you get (which goes toward unlocking more ctOS tools). The best part of all of this is that you don’t even need to own Watch Dogs to get in on the fun. Simply have an internet connection, the Watch Dogs app, a Uplay account and an Xbox Live or PSN account (free or otherwise) and be on your way to gratifying crime-busting action.

The app is sitting on the Google Play Store right now as a free download, so hop to it as soon as you get a chance. Let us know if you’ll be picking up a copy of Watch Dogs later today!

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  1. Downloaded, excited, but can’t sign in. Guessing it’s just server issues with too many people. Can’t even get on the uplay website on my computer or probably the same reason.

  2. Believe it or not, I’m waiting on the Wii U version where I don’t think this app will be required.

  3. Cant login either. Downloaded, want to play, cant play. Wish they had another 6 months to get this right on day of release…oh wait!

  4. Been waiting for this!

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