ASUS teasing the Next Incredible “Thin” Thing for Computex 2014 [VIDEO]

ASUS is drumming up excitement for Computex 2014 (kicking off June 2nd) as they often do, and the company is teasing a device that could be quite thin. A teaser video for the Taipei show tells folks to get ready for the “the next incredible thing.” Shortly after the text is written out, the “g” in “thing” suddenly disappears.

There’s no telling what ASUS could be looking to introduce in the days to come. Their name hasn’t been in the rumor mill for any smartphones or tablets as of late. There’s a chance that whatever device they announce won’t be related to Android. But then again, there’s a chance that it will be. Only way to find out is to circle back and follow all the Computex coverage, we suppose.

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  • Medion

    Computex isn’t traditionally a place to show off new smartphones. Another thin tablet, notebook, or hybrid isn’t really a big deal these days. Also, there have been a lot of rumors lately about a Chrome OS based tablet from several manufacturers. My bet is a Chrome OS tablet. My hope is a Transformer line product with Chrome OS.

  • Unorthodox

    Another laggy tablet. I’ll stick with Sammy Note line, thanks.

  • Adam Berg

    An ultrabook that can be rotated 360° that’s thinner and has better specs than Surface Pro 3, would be a buy!
    But if it is another windows product from them with no possibility to get more then 4gb ram, they should just stop.