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So the LG G3 is finally official (even though we’ve had an idea of what to expect for weeks now). All the info is out on the table, and you should be able to buy it at nearly any major carrier. The question is simple now: will you be buying one?

It faces competition from not only the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, but also quirky offerings from the likes of Oppo and OnePlus. The smartphone scene is quite crowded this year, so it’s sure to be a tough decision for many folks. Drop a vote in the poll below and let us know if you’ll be grabbing one. If not, be sure to stop by the comments and tell us which phone has your attention instead!

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile confirm plans to offer the LG G3 [Update]

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  1. yep, they sold me. .though the presentation was as cheesy as last years samsung one

    1. Agreed, those slide shows had me saying wtf is this?

  2. So much better than the M8 or S5. LG’s doing it right.

    1. How’s this SO much better than the m8?

      1. So much better display, so much better camera, so much better removable battery….

        1. I HAVE to a gree with you….and I have an HTC One M8 HK edition which im very fond of. Taking the step to stay with HTC One M8 is a matter of appreciation for HTC’s vision with this phone and NOW an appreciation for its performance. I wouldnt recommend the M8 to anyone looking for at least a removable battery and good camera.

        2. Lets see the display of the m8 Is one of the best on the market. Quad hd? At 1080p and over 400 plus ppi on such a small screen I’m sure the difference would be marginal at best. The camera on the m8 is “ok” actually takes some great low light shots mediocre at best. We will have to wait and see how the one on the g3 performs as I’m sure you know megapixels is not the whole story. Removable battery: the battery on the m8 is not only good it’s great imo easily gets me through the day with power to spare I’m a heavy user btw. That’s as much as I want as far as battery life. As far as the rest of the specs they are pretty much identical. Nothing groundbreaking here. Oh and the speakers on the m8 there is no other phone on the market that gets close I’m sure the g3 won’t be the exception. All and all yeah there is one or 2 areas where the g3 might be slightly better but to say that it’s SO much better is actually an exaggeration.

          1. Thank you. I was thinking the same things. Now I don’t have to type it out.

          2. Lol it kinda was a long post so glad I was able to save you some time lol

          3. Its not, its an opinion. I think your opinion is kinda bias as you try to overlook the clear advantages of the G3 but again opinions are subjective and youre entitled to yours.

          4. I also own the m8 and the removable battery is the biggest feature I miss from my s3. Tinkering is such a pain when something goes wrong without a removable battery.

  3. Will wait for silver, great phone though

  4. As soon as the 32/3 RAM version is confirmed for T Mobile I’m buying.

  5. Looking forward to the hatefest after some quality of the phone just doesn’t match up to some arbitrary iPhone expectation.


    1. Well, this phone has the size of a 5 incher.

      1. Something ONePlus couldnt do

      2. Not really. The G3 is right in between the S5 and One as far as size goes. It’s bigger than any of the 5″ or 5.2″ flagship phones.

      3. Not really! gs4 have a 5″ scree, gs5 have 5.2″ screen and the body is bigger and this g3 is both taller and wider than the gs5.

      4. Just happen to have a moto x and a gs4 on tmobile, i think they have the perfect size screens and small frame.

      5. No, it really isn’t. It’s about half an inch bigger than the G2 or Galaxy S3 and while it’s a magnificent device it may simply not fit in my pocket. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with it save possible battery life issues because of the crazy display.

  7. Nice looking phone but way too big for me. Likely getting the Moto X+1 this fall/winter.

  8. My S5 just called this phone ( G3 ) a cheap piece of plastic ;)

    1. ironic

  9. Maybe, I want to see what the note 4 can do. Unless the price is good.

  10. The 32/3 version is a better option than the S5 or the M8, but I’m waiting on price, availability on tmo, and what the “prime” devices are going to be like.

  11. so this phone is already bordering on being considered outdated just because of the processor. They better have this phone in stores ASAP. They’re putting themselves in a bad position if they wait too long because people will say “well may as well wait to see what the note 4 offers.” I want this phone but don’t do what HTC did with their One (m7) and let the hype settle by the time they actually launch it.

  12. Note 4

  13. GPE of the 32GB/3GB variant, and I’m in.

  14. Is that a plastic ‘metal effect’ rear? I’ll pass. All these new phones and my Nexus 5 is looking like a keeper!

    1. I only drink my soda from premium aluminum cans. No plastic bottles for me. And I do so with my pinky extended.

      But seriously, it’s supposedly brushed aluminum, and not plastic made to look like aluminum.

      1. That post was so hipster it gave me indie-itus.

      2. It’s admirable you only drink of of alu cans. Thinking of the poor sperm whales I expect.

        But the G3 has a ‘metal effect’ body, which is in fact plastic. There is only one thing in life worse than mock leather, and that’s mock metal.

  15. Camera will be my deciding factor.

  16. Yes! The prettiest girl at the dance right now. I just want to take her home and fondle her.

    1. Perv

      1. I can’t disagree with this lol

  17. It does look nice but I would prefer it be water resistant and is it missing the IR blaster? I use that extensively on my note 3 to control a few things in my house using a universal remote app. So I’ll pass.

    1. it blaster is on top of phone

      1. Thanks J for pointing that out

  18. The G3 feels like the first true flagship of 2014. It would easily be my choice over the S5 or the M8. But, I rather wait a few more months and get the Note 4 with the QHD display as well and the S805.

    The S801 is about one of the few minor disappointments I have with it, also, the battery could have been slightly larger. Other than that, the G3 shaped up to be the best phone of the first half of 2014.

    1. You’re disappointed that it has the fastest SOC out today? If you mean that LG should have either released it sooner (alongside the M8 and S5) with that SOC, or waited until the fall and released it with the 805, then I can agree with you. But they are releasing a new device today with the fastest SOC today. One month after the S5, and it has more internal storage and more RAM (assuming they get the 32GB/3GB version out), a larger and higher resolution display, and OIS.
      Not all advancements will be in the SOC.

      1. Yes, I’m disappointed that they rushed out the G3 instead of waiting for the S805. Like I said, the G3 is easily better than the S5 or M8, in direct competition with those phones, the G3 easily beats them out. I can see that LG being the first major OEM to bring us a QHD display is major win for them. The QHD display is the main thing I’m looking forward to in my next phone. So I also understand why they didn’t wait for the S805.

        Still, a few months down the road, we’ll be getting more QHD phones that have the S805 and will possibly run better. The main advantage of the S805 is the GPU and with QHD, it may need it. I’ll just feel a bit more comfortable spending $700 on a QHD phone with the S805 than the S801. That’s pretty mich my only disappointment with the G3. I do really like the thin bezels.

        1. Bishop, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Good post.

        2. You can’t have your cake with icing and eat it too in regards to mobile device release timing and hardware that goes along with it. Something’s gotta give when they probably feel they have to release the device now to compete with the S5 and the HTC “apparently best device ever” One M8.

      2. Only soc advancement I want is for them to keep my feet comfortable.

  19. The software still looks bloated and slow. Stock Android is like adding an extra 1 ghz to the SOC.

    1. Cyanogenmod

      1. Is not the solution. You have to wait for your phone to be supported (not always a guarantee), and then wait forever for a stable release that may not come. The last time CM offered a “stable” release of an Android version before it was outdated was Gingerbread. I got my official KitKat update way before CM fans had their M1 release.

        CM is worthwhile for long term support, but I’m not a fan within a device’s first 12-18 months.

        1. its not THE solution. But its A solution. #preference.

        2. Cyanogenmod is planning on only releasing “monthly” builds that will function as well as the “stable” builds in the future according to their website posts. Getting update builds that are stable enough for everyday use every month for the most popular devices will be very good. That being said the Canadian variant of the G2 got no official Cyanogenmod support. Let’s hope all the variants of the G3 get good support from Cyanogenmod.

    2. This. The Moto E vs. Galaxy S4 comparison should be all the evidence that people need of this. It’s why I love my Galaxy S4 GPE so much.

  20. Might consider this phone only if the US market gets the 32gb of int storage with 3gb of ram. If not won’t even look at it. Making the lesser quality phone is ridiculous IMO.

    1. Welcome to America – where devices are often a watered-down version of European and Eastern Asian releases.

  21. IMO the Note 3 is still the best device to date. Just trumps them all. Then throw in that S-Pen, none of these new devices are even close. Can you imagine what the Note 4 will be like??? Beastly

    1. I feel the same way. I use the S Pen all the time. Writing down short grocery list, confirmation numbers, tracking numbers, passwords, ect. Add in the gorgeous screen, USB 3.0, 3 GB Ram, removable battery, sd card slot, and solid camera this phone is still sweet. The Note 4 will be a day one purchase.

      1. I’ve always been interested in the Note series. I have a Note 10.1 for work, so I love having an S Pen. Mostly waiting on the Note 4, due to timing issues. The biggest drawback for me is I want an Activ version of Note. I’ll probably end up with a GS5 because I really want the dust and waterproof version of a phone.

        1. I having feeling the Note 4 will be IP67 certified as well. The Note usually has all the features of its S series counterpart plus a ton more. Hopefully Sammy makes this a standard with their phones. My Mother – in – Law just got the S5 and loves it. She hasn’t experienced any of the problems that have plagued some S5’s. If you end up with the S5 you should be happy, but if you can hold off the Note 4 will be the shiznit.

    2. The S-Pen might be nice to pick my nose with but otherwise I think many people are happy to have devices that don’t come with them or need them to enhance features. Anyone who had a PocketPC will probably never want a stylus again, haha.

      1. The s-pen is a really good extra tool to have on a phone. have picking your nose with though. you need to get off lgs nuts.

  22. IMO i already have the best smartphone of 2014, the HTC ONE M8.

  23. I would love to have the screen and I love the bezel-less look….but I just simply won’t buy another phone without front facing speakers. I watch way too much Youtube to go without them.

    1. Wub wub, motherfu&%er!

  24. Seeing as I can’t upgrade til October. I’m going to have to wait. By that time it will be either this or the note 4

  25. I’ll have to see it in the store before I choose to leave my Nexus 5 behind.

  26. I want it but my contract is up in a month and it doesn’t look like they will release it in the meantime. I also have my eyes on the Oppo Find 7 which is also TBA

    1. There was a tweet from oppo that said June is the month.

      1. Oppo Find 7? Vaporware.

  27. Will it run KitKat or lollipop? Wait till October and something better will come out?

    1. G3 will be on Kitkat

    2. You have a good point. We might see the Nexus 6 or the Android Silver phone running 5.0 Lemon Meringue by then.

      1. Yep, and then, you’ll see the next gen just around the corner (S6, M9, Z3). And after that, prime version of these. And then Note 5. Well, you see what I mean. At some point, you have to decide :)

  28. I will buy it when its a GPe device if google is still doing that

    1. Or just put on google launcher on it instead?
      You’ll keep all the features of LG, the knock, the dual window feature etc. and keep the feel of google launcher.

  29. I will buy it if available on ATT within a month. My current phone likely will not hold up much longer than that.

  30. The absence of water resistance feature has me wanting to hold off and see what the Note 4 has in store. The G3 is definitely a beautiful device.

  31. everyone is talking about the RAM, The Storage, The 2K resolution, the battery, the SoC, The Camera… its plastic, its metal,its plastic, its metal…. AM I THE ONLY WHO IS THINKING ABOUT HOW LG MANAGED TO SQUEEZE A 5.5 INCH SCREEN INTO A BODY THE SIZE OF THE GS5?!!!!!!!!! THANK U LG FOR DELIVERING!!!!!!!!!! #INNOVATION

    1. 5.5 inch display in a body that small? You can’t explain that.

      1. not how as in how they do it? I’m referring to the fact they did it..so u can be a douche if u want, I’m talking about how they are the only ones pursuing true edge-to-edge display… by next year I would not be surprised if they are first to bring edge to edge or wrap-around technology.

        1. Slow down, King Sensitive. It was meant as a joke. If you want to call a commentor on Phandroid a douche at least do it to someone who deserves it.

          1. oh yeah man…OMG..my bad bro you are so right. clearly out of line.. worse thing I could of said. could of made a better choice in words..totally vulgar..not something that should be posted in reply to a Phandroid commentator.. my apologies. ; )

    2. Besides the screen res its the same as all other devices. Behind in some areas too. Not impressed at all. sticking with the note 3, waiting for the 4.

      1. exactly everybody is so hyped over QHD, without realizing, that it’ll just hurt battery, and gpu performance, and the g3 is pretty much identical to other flagships other than the screen, and some people are saying it blows everything else out of the water.

      2. Proof that writing in CAPS doesn’t work?

        1. lol..now that’s funny. I only meant part of it to be in Caps…then I felt too lazy to go back and correct it..at least 8 people see what I’m saying…. thanx..

      3. you are crazy !how do you figure?..I understand you are a Samsung Fanboy as well those that upvote you..but honestly, this phone is better than the GS5 (At least on paper)
        Heart rate monitor? finger print scanner? big ass bezels? GTFO…. you know you like this LGG3…but go ahead… get that Bloated, Laggy, Stylist weilding phone if it makes you happy. #preference

    3. S5 – 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm = ~83390 cubic mm
      G3 – 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm = ~97134 cubic mm
      Note 3 – 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm = ~99393 cubic mm

      Soooo, what you meant was thanks for fitting a 5.5 inch phablet into a device that is clearly bigger than the S5 in every dimension, and is REALLY close to the size of the Note 3 (which has an even BIGGER screen).


      1. your math is wrong.

        1. There’s this amazing thing called a mathematical formula. The volume of a box is Length x Height x Width. Multiply them together, and you get a measure, cubed. So, in the case of the S5, you get 83,389.5 mm cubed. You’re a bright guy, so I know you can look this up on your own. But I’ll do you a solid and give you the link: http://www.basic-mathematics.com/volume-of-a-box.html

          1. yeah you are correct, however most dont consider the thickness of the phone when they compare sizes since all modern day smartphones are practically as thin as a few sheets of paper. The surface area of the front is what people refer to when referring to size usually. So L x W which does slot the g3 between the s5 and note 3 by the numbers you gave above, but it puts the g3 closer to the s5 than the note 3.

          2. Fine, it’s a little closer to the S5 than the Note 3. By the numbers, the G3 is 91% smaller in surface area than the Note 3, and the S5 is 94% smaller in surface area than the G3. My point is that it’s fairly close between the two, which makes sense. G3 has a bigger screen than the S5, and the Note 3 has a bigger screen than the G3. And the increments do favor the LG a hair, but it’s not worthy of praising it to the heavens as the greatest accomplishment of man.

          3. exactly..the thickness is irrelevant when determining the bezel ratio…which is smaller than the GS5 or the Note 3 or the M8 or the IPHONE 5s…….

          4. Your math is wrong as in your using the wrong formula to determine the ratio of the screen to its bezel( or overall phone perimeters)..which is what I’m referring to.. you see, the length of the G3 is closer to the GS5 than the Note 3, the Height of the G3 is closer to the GS5 than the Note 3, you my friend is taking into consideration the width which the is thicker than the Note 3 only because the Note 3 is Longer and wider which can spread out the components….

            Thanks for the solid….but you may wanna keep that link bro….#NoHarmNoFoul

          5. What you’re talking about has nothing to do with math. Perspective. That’s what you’re saying you meant (although I believe you were right, erm, wrong, erm, whatever, the first time). Anyway, I got pictures of each device from this site, scaled them to make them seem they were actually the same height, and showed the points of comparison. Bottom line, as I mentioned in my post to malcmilli, sure, the G3 wins by a hair, but it’s not like it’s mankind’s greatest achievement.

          6. Win’s by a hair, but not mankind’s greatest achievement. Check my picture showing the scaling.

          7. I’m not talking about just the top and bottom bezel….but the sides too…the Galaxy’s is TWICE the thickness of the G3..

          8. What you’re talking about has nothing to do with math. Perspective. That’s what you’re saying you meant (although I believe you were right, erm, wrong, erm, whatever, the first time). Anyway, I got pictures of each device from this site, scaled them to make them seem they were actually the same height, and showed the points of comparison. Bottom line, as I mentioned in my post to malcmilli, sure, the G3 wins by a hair, but it’s not like it’s mankind’s greatest achievement.

          9. Who said it was mankind’s greatest achievement?.. and if its not that big of a deal..then why does your Samsung not have it? I’m not bashing Samsung..I am a happy owner of the GS3, the REAL innovative Samsung phone…Calm Down Bro..your creeping me out….you win…here…I’ll give you an upvote and myself a down vote….I’m done….

          10. Dude, chill. You were gushing with hyperbole, so I pulled out the facts…that’s not being creepy, it’s being thorough. Why so serious? Looks like Disqus duplicated my comment, though.

  32. Just got the Nexus 5 in red.

    1. you mean bright ass orange. lol

  33. What’s the difference between running a goggle launcher and GPe of a phone?
    Wouldn’t you get all the benefits the phone offers with just running the launcher, while the GPe would lose some of it?

    1. The settings and menus will be flavored even if running a Google launcher. Still, I plan on buying the G3, and installing Google’s Launcher, Keyboard, and Camera apps to make this as much of a Nexus device as possible.

      1. There will be custom AOSP ROMs available for it in the enxt couple of month, I’m sure.

        1. I am a recovered ROM addict…There were just too many problems that came with rooting, the biggest being able to play videos from Google Play and Paramount’s services. And I find that I like some of the choices that OEM’s are putting out there. So what if an app opens 8 milliseconds later. For the functionality that kills stock android (I’m looking at you, Camera & Beam), I’ll gladly accept that basically unnoticeable slowdown.

          1. I think exactly the opposite. Tweaking and customising ROMs is the main reason why I love Android (I’m also an Android developer), to always try to achieve the ultimate butter-smooth feeling that pure Android and nexuses gives. So what if a few bugs remain? :)

          2. I’ll take the bugless experience. My S3 doesn’t stutter, it’s fully functional in every area (and WAY more useful than stock), and if someone else with a custom ROM on the same device can open the browser or the a camera in a fraction of a second faster, I really don’t care.

          3. Good then :) To each his own

      2. Although i would love a gpe edition… one of the things i actually don’t like about stock is their menus and camera app. Way too dull in my opinion. I have a Nexus 4 and i felt the camera and settings were much more attractive in sense.

    2. GPE has pure android everywhere, not only in the launcher. This means smoother, faster, snappier experience everywhere.

  34. Only will buy it if it comes out as a Nexus :D

  35. nice. If this was my first android, I would buy this. But my mind is for the iphone 6

  36. Maybe if they release a play edition (or Android silver).

  37. Maybe if there was a “No, not upgrading”…

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