You can turn you Oppo Find 7a into a OnePlus One with CyanogenMod 11S


Oppo Find 7a

We’ve known for a while now that the Oppo Find 7a and the OnePlus One were close cousins, sharing the same production facilities and even sharing a vast majority of the same internal hardware. Well, it seems you can make them share the same software too with a little bit of good ole fashioned Android tinkering.

During my review of the Find 7a, I mentioned that I was quite disappointed that the Find 7a shipped with Android 4.3 and I wasn’t a huge fan of Color OS either. I also mentioned that the Android community would most likely step, doing what they do best, bringing all sorts of goodies over to the Oppo’s latest. Well, it’s happened. You can now flash CyanogenMod 11s from the OnePlus One onto your Oppo Find 7a.

Oppo Find 7a OnePlus CM11S

What works and what doesn’t work? It’s still a bit too early to tell, seeing as I just figured out this feat was possible a few minutes ago on my Oppo Find 7a. I’m still in the midst of testing, but wanted to share with my fellow Android enthusiasts that this is entirely possible. I’ll update this post as we dig through the “OppoPlus One7A” to see what works and what doesn’t.

What works:
Front Camera / Video

What doesn’t work:
Rear Camera / Video are upside down
Voice Wake
Storage is only reporting 3GB

If you’d like to jump in feet first, you’ll first need to flash a custom recovery on your Oppo Find 7a, such as TWRP. Then, you’ll need this ROM which was pulled from the OnePlus One (which I modified to remove device checks). Be sure to make a backup first as uncharted buggy territory most likely lies ahead. Good luck!

Edit: There’s two additional OTA’s that you’ll need to get. If you’re not using a OnePlus One recovery, you’ll need to get these modified OTA files as well. OTA 1, OTA 2.

Thanks Patrick for the system dump!

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  1. or you can save $150 and buy the 1+1 and have a fully functional CM11s ROM plus better specs and styleswap covers.

    1. To receive an empty box with a note?

      1. And if you do happen to get one, no charger or usb cable.

    2. Some people want the Find 7a now and don’t want to wait a month on an invite. Some people are also upset with OnePlus’s marketing.

      1. Lack of marketing*

        1. Oh no they did tons of online marketing on social networks.

      2. admittedly 1+1s marketing has been horrific ever since the “5.5” screen in 5″ phone” debacle. can’t argue that. guess their strategy is to get people talking about them, whether good or bad.

    3. And a phone without exchangable battery, without Vooc charging and the process over a very very stupid invite system.
      I got the Find 7a over pre order with students voucher for 360 Euro including a second battery, a cover and a 32 GB sd-card, so for me, the 1+1 is beaten.
      It’s a very interesting phone, but I’ll wait, how things will be in 2 or 3 months

    4. Find 7A has fast charging, SD card, removable battery, MaxxAudio, and 50 MP pictures. Not sure if the last two will work without ColorOS.

      The bigger battery in the premium Find 7 and the carbon fiber rear cover should fit the 7A when available.

      1. sd card is unnecessary with 64Gb on board, don’t need to remove a battery that lasts all day, oneplus has maxxaudio, mp are overrated(see apple). battery for the 1+1 is bigger than both find 7 versions.

        fast charging is the only legit advantage yet i don’t find that to be worth another $150. i don’t find impatience to be worth the extra cash either.

        please don’t bring up discounts that are only available to certain people. yeah its beaten for you, for the rest of the world that doesn’t live in the UK and aren’t students we’re forced to deal with a phone with best in class specs at a mid-range price. sucks to be us.

        BTW, the premium find 7 will be released when the 1+1 is available to the general public and none of those people will be getting crap boxes with missing phones and accessories as well as those from the contest will get their boxes and accessories.

        1. OPO does not have MaxxAudio. Reviews say the sound is mediocre for OPO but best in class for F7A, like boomsound.

          OPO reviews also say battery life is average. I do a lot of hiking, mountain biking, skiing, etc. and love being able to throw an extra battery or two in my backpack.

          Never said anything about discounts or missing accessories.

          Price doesn’t bother me, I just want the best phone. Both of these phones are great value.

          1. all reviews used pre-production models. grain of salt. 1+ is already working on that bug.

            i responded to you and another poster in one post.

            to those talking about the empty box situation.


            steallng is baad…mmmkay.

          2. Yep, when driving and navigating with my motobike, a second battery is a great thing.
            I won’t but any phone without exchangable battery.
            For a day in office and then home, it’s ok but if you’re outside for longer time, the second battery is better than having no phone or using one of this external battery with extra cable.

        2. Have you ever tried the Ultra-HD photo on 7a (50MP)? It works very well, and images are realy more detailed than the standard 13 mpx.

    5. No, you can’t.
      You cannot actually buy a One Plus One.

  2. Hi Derek….How do I flash the OTA? I copied the zip file to sd card, but doesnt show in twrp???

    1. I’m not sure where you put it? Check in /internal_sd/

      1. got it thanks.

  3. Figuring out what doesn’t work always seems to be my Cyanogen experience.

  4. Find 7a has a diminished partition framework. So it will only accept 3GB of apps. I understood that this would remain at 3GBs, even if you flashed a custom ROM. Is this, in fact, the case? Also, are the metallic strips running round the edges rea;l meta, or silvered plastic. Thanks, John

    1. The strips are real metal

  5. Just looked back over the comments, and nobody seems to have mentioned this partition framework on the Find 7a. I understood that Oppo have said that the decision to do this is irreversible. The last phone made with that Framework by the big 3, or 5, was the Samsung Galaxy One. It is still big enough for most people, but it is a limitation that we could do without. I have over 2.8 GBs of apps on my Nexus 7. I haven’t got a lot of stuff on, and I don’t game., but I don’t reliszh the thought of having this limit.

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