After rave reviews, Monument Valley brings its impossible cube gameplay to Android devices

Monument Valley for Android

UsTwo’s “Monument Valley” is one of those games that can only be described as a work of art. Beautiful, almost surreal visuals, and a dreamy atmosphere — it’s not wonder the game garnered over 500 thousand downloads since launching last month for iOS. The game utilizes a variety of impossible architecture to trick the eye with optical illusions (like the impossible cube).

Monument Valley for Android screenshots

UsTwo combines this puzzle gameplay with beautiful, high-res visuals and a wonderful pastel color pallet to bring the game to life. Really, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever played on mobile.

The best part is after months of beta testing, the game is finally ready for its debut on Android. At only $4, you could do a whole lot worse with your money. What are you waiting for? Monument Valley can be downloaded via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: Monument Valley

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  • Guest

    How is this a game, and better yet why not tell us the purpose of the game, the goal of each level. Not gonna spend $4 on a game anyways, just curious.

    • ryan rochford

      first of all, 15 min return window, try it and find out.

      Second, and more importantly, its ignorant fools like you that “are not gonna spend $4 on a game” even though you have no idea what it is about, that cause IAP’s in every game, making it so that mobile gaming is a joke. Our devices can play games on par with what the xbox 360 and ps3 could produce (see XCOM) but since you dont want to spend $4 in software on your $600 hardware, i cant play more then 5 good games without paywalls. Jerk.

      • impulse101

        LOL Xcom on mobile doesn’t look like or come close to Xcom on PS3

    • impulse101

      Click on the Play Store link and read the description and reviews.

  • ρrστhrίlls

    Great game, glad it finally came to android.