Moto X+1 makes an appearance on Motorola’s site carrying -$400 price tag [LOL]


Motorola Moto X+1 page

Will you look at that. The Motorola Moto X+1 has just made an appearance on Motorola’s site, although we can’t be sure how long the page will be up. Really, there’s not much to look at although possibly confirming the obvious — the phone will be available on AT&T.

As this isn’t an official landing page, don’t pay much attention to that -$400 pricing. We’re pretty sure Motorola wont be paying you to take the phone off their hands. As one of the more hotly anticipated Android handsets of the year, we can’t wait to see what Motorola has been cooking when the phone officially comes out of the oven later this year. For now, daydream.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Come on, Motorola. Give me a reason to own a Motorola phone for the first time since the Motorola Renegade.

    1. Dude, if the MotoX didn’t do it for you, don’t hold your breath for this.

      1. The MotoX didn’t do it for me because of $$$. Didn’t see it being worth paying $200 on contract for a mid range phone when it came out. I did, however, see it being worth paying $400 off contract for a higher range Nexus 5.

        Had Motorola priced the MotoX at the same price level as the Nexus 5 to begin with, I may have been interested. Unfortunately, they waited until after the Nexus 5 was out to try & compete price wise. Too late by then.

        1. Totally worth it on Republic Wireless. $300.00 and a $25 a month service. Does it for me! ^__^

    2. Since the og razer in my case lol

      1. Yep, StarTac and Razr for me :)

        1. Lol damn I couldn’t even spell the name right , guess it’s been that long !

    3. What! No love for the OG Droid?

  2. If you look real close,it says “Out of Stock”

    I suppose so,at these prices……………..

  3. i scoffed at the old one’s s4, but i’d be down for the s800 version.

  4. So what’s May 13th? Announcement or something for the phone? I may have that date wrong..

    1. I think the May 13th date is just going to be the Moto E. That’s my guess.

  5. If i were a phone manufacture chasing the likes of samsung and apple, and wanted a free way to generate buzz, i would list this years phone name, with last years phone image, and a CLEARLY wrong price tag one week before i announce said device… and then take in down 6 hours later…..just sayin

  6. Moto shouldn’t make this harder than it needs to be. Bump the display to 1080p, bump the processor to a Snapdragon 800, and improve the camera. Heck, they could keep the same shell for all I care. That would actually make it more interesting especially if they launched some form of trade up program for owners to upgrade the specs of their Moto X to the newest model while keeping the outer shell.

    1. i agree in consept, but that wont work for the current model. WAAAYYY to thick up top. i say push it to a 4.8″-4.9″ screen without making the phone much larger (a tad wider would be required obv), just and hug the bezel a bit tighter up top and bottom, ala LG G2 screen bezel raito, but smaller then the g2, then it wouldnt “feel” so thick. and PLEASE keep the dimple :-)

    2. What outershell? There is a backplate and then rest is pretty much the display and glass which are bonded. It would cost more to reuse the parts than to refurbish the old device and ship out a new one.

    3. The display doesn’t really need to be bumped to 1080p it’s already non-pentile and 316ppi. Yea it’d be nice but I’d rather not take the hit on battery life and performance. I’d much rather see it have excellent color calibration and put the money into other components that will make a more noticeable difference.

      An updated X8 based on the Snapdragon 801 would be nice though, since ARMv8 isn’t gonna be ready yet. That and a better camera.

  7. No Lenomoto for me. I made up my mind for a SONY. Unless this thing has the form factor of original RAZR, which I still keep on my shelf so I could see every once in a while what a good phone should look and feel like.

    1. The Moto X is definitely what a good phone should look and feel like. I love my custom colors, the soft plastic, the dimple on the back, the size, the perfect heft – of all the phones I’ve owned, this one feels like it has the most love and precision in the engineering. I will never accept anything less from future phones. As long as Motorola keeps their current design team, Lenovo won’t ruin them. I could keep gushing, but I’ll stop myself here.

      1. Theres a reason Google sold off Motorolla. Theyre products stunk. Google sold them and kept their own project, Ara beause they were worried Moto would ruin that too. Very smart in my opinion. As long as their are carrier discounts theres no reason to buy a cheap phone. If you like it fine, but i prefer a powerful phone to one thats just nice to hold or look at.

  8. Paying consumers to take the phone…now that might jus work!!!!!! Count me in!!!!

    1. Theyd have to pay me to even touch a Moto device, let alone buy one. Ill stick with HTC, theyve proven theyre products are quality and have only gotten better over the years. Motorolla, not so much, i owned 2 different Droids and have regretted both purchases. And those were full priced devices, not these cheap, watered down versions that the Moto X and others are. Pass!

  9. These announcements are lovely. I, for one, can’t wait to see what Apple is bringing to the table. Everyone is bringing their A-Game this year, and if the iPhone is anything like the 5S, it won’t stand a chance. What change could they bring? I’m actually curious to know. Will the iPhone change?

    FUDGE!! I need more announcements and leaks of all the devices!!

    1. This is an android site, clearly you are in the wrong place.

      1. Foolish!! If you don’t know what the enemy has planned you will lose the war.

        You are CLEARLY not a saiyan warrior.

        1. These are consumer electronics, there is no enemy or teams. Just folks spending disposable income on toys.

        2. Theyre going to premiere a bigger iPhone to match what people want. As they see that HTC and Samsung devices are quite popular.

    2. Why are you talking about iphones on a Moto x+1 page? Do a search for iphone 6 and see what crap they’re bringing at a stupid price.
      Word of warning, it’s not pretty at all.

  10. I hope that there is a refresh of the Moto G. Maybe make an even less expensive phone to reach more people. That is what they are trying to do.

    1. phones arent expensive these days. I have never paid more than $99 to get the newest of Android handsets. The first few were on a contract, but the last 2 ive gotten on T-Mobiles monthly payment plan. When i traded in my M7 to get the M8, i had to only pay the tax on the M8 which was $52, and ill be paying $20 a month till the device is paid off, or whenever i decide to trade up again, which with T-Mobile is whenever i want. We dont need cheap phones, we need smarter people, apparently.

      1. So you still played full price for phone I played 399 for nexus 5 yes we need smarter people but you obviously aren’t

        1. Nope. Even if we factor in my current phone, the M8. I put down $52 for the tax, and will pay $20 a month till i pay off the phone OR trade it in for a new device. I kept the original phone for a year. So if i trade it in for the M9 or something else next year i would have paid $20 a month for 12 months is $292. Still cheaper than your $399 and ill have a new device next year for almost nothing, again. Whos the smarter one now ?

          1. My bill is 30 a month so probably 20 to 30 bucks a month cheaper so that’s 240 to 360 less a year so I pay less in long run will sell nexus 5 for probably 300 and get the new necus 6 for 400 I did miscalculate your phone cost at first if you want to be on a contract or lease then your way is better if not my ways better

          2. Plus you can sell your old phone when you want to. You are way ahead compared to the leasing scams the carriers are attempting to goad people into thinking phones should actually cost more than $400

          3. Sorry about insult wasn’t called for

      2. You never paid more than 99 upfront. You either paid more monthly on your bill while locked into a contract or financed the phone itself. Most flagships are highly overpriced. Phones like the Moto G, OnePlus One and the Nexus line show you can pay a little bit more upfront for a near comparable phone, and not worry about a 2 year ball and chain.

        1. Not locked into any contract with T-Mobile. I had the M7 One, but hadnt finished paying it off yet when i traded it in for the M8. When i find a new phone this year or next, T-Mobile will pay off whats left on the device and ill get another new phone for next to nothing. Id never buy a phone upfront for full price, the odds of selling it for anything close to value a year later are slim, even a Nexus. Definitely not a Moto-anything. Id rather get T-Mobiles discount and have the best at a fraction of the cost.

          1. The thing is while Tmo is a good company, they’re definitely not giving you any discounts. In order to do the trade in you’re referring to you must be in the JUMP! program. This is an additional 10 dollars a month. You also have to have more than half the phone paid off, which with One’s is usually about 325. You waited a year between upgrades. That’s 12 jump payments. That brings what you paid to at least $425. Then they also get to refurb your old phone and sell it. Not as good of a deal as you’re saying. This is why lower price point phones with near comparable specs to the $600+ phones is a game changer.

            Also, it’s very possible T-Mo will start carrying Motorola’s again. Motorola’s reputation was tarnished for a bit so T-Mo passed on the X, but Motorola has earned some of its cred back now.

      3. You think it is smarter to lease a phone from Tmobile? That explains a lot.

      4. Your argument does not make sense. You say you’ve never paid more than $99 for a phone, despite paying a monthly plan with which you pay for your tariff and the phone over the determined length of the contract. So you have paid more than $99 for a phone, you’ve just spread it and are tied to it for a set amount of months until you are allowed, by the network, to upgrade. Not really that smart. I’d rather buy a phone outright because at least then I’m not tied to the contract, the network or the tariff. IMO the contract is a bad option.

    2. Sounds like both are happening. Moto E is almost 100% confirmed, and word of a “G Cinema” was circulating yesterday.

      1. Problem with the g cinema is that it’s probably going to be the same as the forte. Which was a standard g with a pre fitted case, the cinema will probably just have some preloaded apps.
        The e does look promising for its price though.

  11. That -$400 is a make-up rebate that takes 6-8 weeks to process and that’s only after you show proof of signing a 10 year agreement with the carrier

    …analysts are saying

    1. Wrong.
      $400 is the price of the 32gb on at&t without contract or any format of agreement.
      Whatever analysts you’re listening to they’re wrong.

  12. Its just a picture of the X. The picture seems to be running Jelly Bean (blue icons) instead of the white one’s with Kit Kat and it’s dated Sept 25 on the widget. Nothing to see here IMO.

    1. Nothing to see?
      There is no actual image of the x+1 yet so what are they going to use? They use the phone it replaces.
      If you look at the actual article and several other sites, you’ll see there is plenty to see.
      The x+1 will have the same specs as the LG G2, just with a removable back.

  13. 16GB without SD card… pass..

    1. Also available with 32gb.
      Also sd cards (of any class on any phone) have been proven to slow the phone upto 300%. I’d rather have no sd card. Otherwise what’s the point in owning a high end phone? If you can’t use the power?

  14. Ah… the Moto X. This is, IMO, the iPhone of Android. No silly skin (TouchWiz anyone?). Just the right size (sorry, HTC One M8: you’re pretty, but way too tall). And the smoothness of operation and top notch software optimization (no lag or inconsistencies). Hurry up and release the X+1!

    1. Thinking the X+1 will be my next smartphone purchase.

  15. “hotly anticipated Android handsets of the year” The biggest fluff piece from Phandroid ive seen in a long time. Anything Moto is crap. Even Google realized that. I guarantee that the $400 price tag will not help sell this device to the Moto faithful, the cheapos that want a cheap device because god forbid they have to pay off a device monthly.

    1. The Moto X was a really great phone. The 4.7 inch screen size is highly desired by a lot of people, and no other company will give it to you without neutering the other specs. The reason Google sold Motorola was because all they needed was the Project Ara patents. Having their own Motorola make phones for them would butt heads with Project Ara and the upcoming Android Silver phones. Motorola had a rough time for a bit, but the G and X seemed to have turned things around.

    2. If you look at the figures, the ‘bang for your buck’ and customer reviews the recent motos are above any other manufacturers. Including Samsung (since they’re hugely overpriced, like apple).
      The g was one of the biggest selling, highly rated phones last year.
      The x was also one of the highest rated, if not a highest seller.
      The upcoming e will attract huge sales.
      I can also guarantee the x+1 will sell masses, especially if it does have the sub $400 tag since it has last year’s flagship specs (sd800, 2gb ram etc) for less.
      The LG G2 16gb is still over $400. The 32gb x+1 is expected to have the sub 400 tag.
      A 16gb version, and possibly a 64gb version, will come at a later date.

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  17. haha thats just a pic of the moto x on jelly bean which is what it originally came with.

    1. Haha?
      There’s no image of the x+1.
      Read more before posting useless comments.

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